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5 Easy Tips For Fall Pond Care

Clean your pond

Use Leaf Netting - Cover the pond surface with netting during the fall season. Use a long-handled pond net to remove any leaves, twigs and dead foliage from inside the pond. As these organics breakdown, they produce toxic gases that can harm your fish so you値l want to remove what you can before winter.

Clean your pond

Add Bacteria - Add cold water beneficial bacteria to the pond. This will aide in accelerating the decomposition of organic matter during the fall and winter months and will also jump start your pond's ecosystem.

Clean your pond

Plant Maintenance - Trim back hardy marginals and lilies. Leave around 2 inches of growth above the soil and relocate them to the pond bottom below the freeze line. Bring tropical marginal plants indoors. These can be overwintered as houseplants but, remember to keep the soil always wet. They are still aquatic plants.

Clean your pond

Fish Feeding- When the water temperature reaches 55 degrees you値l want to switch over to a cold weather wheatgerm food. These foods are high carbohydrate percentage foods and are more easily digested in colder weather. They値l help build the necessary fat reserves on the fish that they値l live on during the winter months you池e not feeding them. Remember, once water temperatures reach 40 degrees you will stop feeding your fish until the spring.

Clean your pond

Oxygenation- Fish need an opening in the ice for a proper oxygen gas exchange. Utilizing a pond deicer is the easiest way to prevent fish kill during the winter season. These units float on the pond surface, warming the water around them, providing an opening in the ice. Integrated thermostats allow the unit to run on an as needed basis.

Performing these 5 easy steps will ensure a healthy pond and an easy spring start-up. I知 Joe from webbsonline.

Article Posted: 09/06/2017 05:48:08 PM

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