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How To: Remove Rotor and Clean Atlantic Tidalwave 3 Pump

Your TidalWave pump will require periodic cleanings of the cooling screen, rotor and rotor chamber. To inspect:

1. Unlock the latches on both sides of the pre-filter by pulling outward from the pump handle.

2. Remove the cover by rotating a quarter turn while pulling.

Clean your pond

3. Remove any debris that may be present.

4. Inspect O-ring and stainless steel screen located behind the impeller.

5. If the impeller is difficult to turn, or feels 'gritty', remove the rotor.

Clean your pond

To do so, the rotor must first be unlocked using the built-in wrench located on the bottom of the pre-filter. Slide the impeller wrench behind the impeller and engage two of the locking posts. Push the wrench tightly against the rotor face and rotate counterclockwise one quarter turn. Once unlocked, remove the rotor by pulling the impeller outward from the pump body.

Clean your pond
Clean your pond

Loose debris can be flushed out with clean water. Often in hard water, debris may appear as a crusty white film. Remove this film using a scrub brush and mild vinegar solution.

Reassemble in the reverse order.

Clean your pond

Article Posted: 03/01/2017 09:00:04 AM

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