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Laguna Optima Aeration Kit Review

The Laguna Optima Aeration Kit includes everything you need for a reliable aeration system for small ponds under 1,000 gallons. You can also use the kit during the winter months to maintain an opening in the ice. When in use the pump should be covered and protected from the elements. Easy to install and operate, the kit includes everything you need. Letís jump right in and breakdown the kit.

Clean your pond

Air Pump w/ Adjustable Air Flow: Only 4.5 watts- extremely economical to operate. Turn the knob on top of the pump to increase or decrease air flow.

Clean your pond

Tubing: 30 ft. of flexible 3/16Ē airline tubing

Clean your pond

Air Stone and Styrofoam Float: Use this float to tether the air stone at varying depths Ė very helpful in the winter as youíll want to keep the air stone closer towards the surface during that time.

Itís important to note, the pump should be kept covered Ė protected from the elements. For additional information on this kit, please donít hesitate to call. Iím Joe from webbsonline.

Article Posted: 09/12/2017 10:25:22 PM

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