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Matala EzBio Pre-filter

Small submersible pumps generally come with some level of pre-filtration. Whether plastic or foam they usually work just fine but, they can often clog quickly, leading to increased maintenance and ultimately loss of flow.

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Strainer Cage w/ handle- this fine mesh opening cage will protect the impeller and provide continuous suction. Preventing small debris from entering the pump and ultimately clogging the fountain head. Handle will provide easy transportation and removal from pond.

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If you’re looking to improve what you have or make a new addition, the Matala EzBio Pre-Filter is the ultimate simple and effective upgrade. Manufactured from a curly fiber polypropylene it will outlast any foam of woven polyester on the market. Its progressive density reduces clogging preventing premature flow reduction.

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Easy to install- coming standard with a stepped barb fitting that accepts 1” – 1 ½” flex tubing. Simply attach that tubing to the suction line of you pump. Depending on the pump size it can be placed at any distance from the pump.

Clean your pond

What’s really cool is that these units are extendable using multiple sections. Simply unscrew both tops and join. Replacement pads are available

For more information on the Matala EzBio Pre-Filters please give me a call. I’m Joe from webbsonline. Talk to you then.

Article Posted: 06/22/2017 08:39:13 PM

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