Matala Pond Vac II Review Matala Pond Vac II Review This vacuum is a workhorse, but will require a small amount of patience due to an auto fill and drain cycle, or on/off cycle.
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Matala Pond Vac II Review

Matala Pond Vac II Review

The Matala Pond Vac II, also known as the ďMuck BusterĒ, easily removes algae, sludge, dead plants, and even small pebbles from your pond. Suitable for small ponds less than 3,000 gallons and less than 4 feet deep. This vacuum is a workhorse, but will require a small amount of patience due to an auto fill and drain cycle, or on/off cycle. Iíll explain -

Clean your pond

This on/off cycle allows for the vacuum canister to fill, then discharge. The cycle is approximately 40 seconds vacuum and 20 seconds drain out. During operation, the canister tank fills and a small float rises Ė similar to a shop vac. Once itís full, this float triggers the motor to turn off automatically. The waste water will start to empty out the drain hose. When the canister is empty, the motor turns back on automatically and continues to vacuum. Use the optional mesh bag to capture large debris before it releases onto your property. The dirty pond water is an unbelievable fertilizer for your garden plants Ė donít let it go to waste.

Clean your pond

When operating, itís important to note the vacuum must be elevated above the pond and the drain hose positioned below the bottom of the tank Ė this will ensure proper drain out. Comes standard with 3 adjustable nozzles, multiple extension tubes, a 16 foot suction hose, a debris collection bag, and a 8 foot drain hose. The holding tank has a capacity of about 4.5 gallons.

Clean your pond

For additional information on the Matala Pond Vac II, please do not hesitate to call. Iím Joe from Webbsonline.

Article Posted: 08/08/2017 01:59:40 PM

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