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Review: Laguna Powerjet Fountain Pond Pump

The Laguna PowerJet offers everything you need to generate circulation with a decorative fountain display. A completely submersible mag-drive pump, engineered to run continuously, with 6 available models- ranging from 600-2900 gph. The model we're discussing today is the 600. Let's jump right in and breakdown the features.

Product Features

Strainer Cage w/ handle- this fine mesh opening cage will protect the impeller and provide continuous suction. Preventing small debris from entering the pump and ultimately clogging the fountain head. Handle will provide easy transportation and removal from pond.

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Two Fountainheads- 3-Tier and your more standard Waterbell

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Extendable Riser Stem: can be adjusted vertically to adjust for varying pond depths

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Pivoting Ball Joint: On the riser stem allows fountain head to maintain plumb on uneven pond bottoms.

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Stepped Barbed Click-Fit connectors: for fast and easy hose connections

Two separate flow controls: each one independently adjusts water flow to fountainhead and waterfall, if possible.

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Obviously, if you have one of the smaller models, I would suggest only using the diverter valve as a flow control to the fountainhead. Waterfalls will require a higher flow than you expect. So, please contact me with additional questions on that.

Article Posted: 03/01/2017 05:00:02 PM

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