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Tetra GreenFree UV Clarifier Review

The Tetra GreenFree UV clarifier is an external, in-line unit ideal for new or existing, small to medium sized ponds. Designed to eliminate that unsightly green or pea soup colored water

How the unit works:

Water is pushed through the clarifier via a pump and the internal high intensity UV light destroys the microscopic algae cells that form green water. Itís important to note these units will not affect string algae, and they are ONLY designed as an enhancement to your existing filtration.

Clean your pond

The unit weíre discussing today is an 18 Watt unit, able to handle ponds up to 4,400 gallons with a max flow rating of 2,200 GPH. Some important features on the unit are:

Stepped barb swivel fittings on both ports for easy removal and maintenance. These fittings will accept 3 different tubing sizes- ĺĒ, 1Ē, and 1-1/4Ē. If necessary, take a hacksaw and remove sections not in use.

A viewing window. This will allow you to easily see when the unit is operating. Keep in mind this is not an LED light. It can be difficult to see during the day and is best viewed at night.

Clean your pond

To disassemble, simply remove the threaded collar here. Inside youíll find a glass quartz sleeve, which keeps everything watertight, and of course the UV bulb. Youíll want to periodically remove the sleeve to clean. You can do that with a small flat head screwdriver. The bulb itself will generally need to be replaced every 12 months of run time. These units should be brought inside during freezing conditions.

Available in 4 models- each unit is rated to handle a specific size pond and pump so, if you need assistance sizing the unit thatís right for your system, donít hesitate to call. Iím Joe from webbsonline, take care.

Article Posted: 06/22/2017 08:57:34 PM

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