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Taking Care of Your Submersible Pond Pump

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Want to keep your submersible pump running optimally for a long life-span? Adding just a few steps to your pond maintenance routine can make all the difference. Better performing pond pumps equal a healthier ecosystem which keeps your fish happy and your pond looking its best.

Types of Submersible Pond Pumps

We offer three types of submersible pond pumps. Those include magnetic driven pond pumps, asynchronous pond pumps and motor driven pond pumps.

Magnetic pumps and asynchronous pumps are both energy efficient models with impellers at the core of their functionality. The impeller in the asynchronous pump tends to be more robust and durable. The asynchronous model can handle more gallons per hour and applications where you may run into more debris.

Motor driven pumps, or direct drives, have an impeller mounted to a stainless steel shaft fixed to the motor. These pumps are best for high head water features or dirty water applications for heavy solid handling.

How to Clean Submersible Pond Pumps

Magnetic Driven Pumps & Asynchronous Pumps

Magnetic driven pumps (also known as mag drive pumps) can be installed directly in a pond, skimmer or pump vault. The same is true for asynchronous pumps.

Of course, pumps installed directly in the pond will require more frequent maintenance as they are less protected.

Anytime you notice your flow of water diminish, you'll want to inspect your pump. First, unplug the pump and remove the pump from your application. Then check if leaves, twigs or other debris are blocking your intake. Pull debris away from the intake and then give the pump a flush out with your hose.

An intake can become completely blocked if routine maintenance isn't performed. The pump could run dry, even underwater, if it cannot pull in water.

If cleaning the intake doesn't improve the water flow, then it's time to take the pump apart and check on the impeller. A pond pump impeller not spinning or slowly spinning because of debris may be your culprit.

How to Clean a Pond Pump Impeller

Most mag drive and asynchronous pumps have a pre-filter, and a pump cover. Remove the pre-filter, and then remove the pump cover. Either twist your pump cover off or remove the screws holding it on depending on your model. Then pull out the impeller (some call it a rotor).

You may see debris or calcium deposits. Rinse these off if present. If the calcium buildup is bad you can use a mild acid like white vinegar or diluted CLR to clean. Apply with a soft bristle brush or sponge that won't scratch the impeller.

You'd be surprised what can clog or stop an impeller. Our pond techs have seen everything from dog hair wound around to pieces of ice during winter operation. If you see any of these, do your best to remove them from your impeller for optimal pump performance.

At a minimum take your mag drive and async pumps apart at least twice a year for an impeller inspection and cleaning. Not only will this ensure longer pump performance, but it ensures you won't void your warranty by accident. Many manufacturers void warranties when standard maintenance hasn't been employed.

How to Tell if a Pond Pump Impeller is Broken

Unusual Noise: If you notice an increase in noise coming from the pump underwater, it could indicate a problem with the impeller.

Reduced Flow: A decrease in water flow from the pump can be a sign of impeller damage.

Visual Inspection: Remove the pump's housing to visually inspect the impeller. Look for any cracks, breaks, or signs of wear. Most have a ceramic shaft which if broken is quite noticeable.

Lack of Movement: When the pump is on, the impeller should spin freely. If it doesn’t move or moves irregularly, it might be damaged.

If you notice any of these signs, it’s advisable to replace the impeller to maintain the efficiency and longevity of your pond pump.

How to Replace a Pond Pump Impeller

Replacing the impeller is as simple as installing a new once the old is removed. We sell many replacement impellers here at Webb's. Simply order the impeller for your pump model. Then follow the directions provided to replace it on your specific pond pump.

There are also additional replacement parts available depending on your pump model. These may include replacement covers, seals, o-rings and more.

Motor-Driven Pumps

The inner workings of motor-driven pumps are much more complicated than mag-drive or asynchronous pumps. We don't recommend taking these pumps apart, so maintenance is minimal. Routinely checking the pump intake to make sure it is free and clear of debris is the only upkeep required. Some models require replenishing oil.


A little pond pump maintenance can keep your equipment running for a long life span—saving you money and keeping your pond water healthy. Remember, your pump serves as the heart of your pond, ensuring essential circulation and aeration for your fish. With proper maintenance, it should offer years of reliable performance.

Article Posted: 04/12/2024 02:01:56 PM

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