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How to Protect Your Fish from the Heat

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Read this post for tips on how to keep your water babies safe from the relentless summer heat.

Swap Fish Foods

If your water temperature reaches 80 degrees, we suggest swapping your protein rich food for wheat germ food. Itís easier for fish to digest at these high temps. Wheat germ food is easier for fish to break down because itís carbohydrate based (which is also why itís recommended for cold weather feeding). The Hikari Wheat Germ food is one of our favorites. Microbe-Lift offers a great one, too.

Stop Feeding at 90

If your water temperature reaches 90 degrees, stop feeding altogether. Fish canít digest food at this water temp. If fish are continued to be fed at these temps the risk is sickness and possibly fish loss.

Aerate the Pond

Aeration can help cool water by keeping oxygen moving throughout, so keep those air pumps running. You can easily add one to your pond if you donít already have an aerator. Theyíre a breeze to set up, especially the Aquascape 2-Outlet Aeration Kit. Itís our bestseller in this category.

Run Pumps 24/7

For the same reason you want to keep aerators running, itís important to keep your pond pumps running 24/7 during a heat wave. The water that pond pumps circulate will also keep oxygen moving through the pond. Additionally they will keep your water quality high. If youíre in need of a new pump, we have a huge selection and pond techs ready to help you pick out the best one for your pond configuration. Donít hesitate to reach out.

Partial Water Change

A partial water change can also help cool water. Drain the water about 10% down (20% at most), then use your hose to refill the pond. The water from your hose will be cooler than the water that's in the pond resulting in a slight cool down. Don't forget to treat the water with a dechlorinator or water conditioner as most tap water will have additives that you want to neutralize for your pond.

Protect Fish from Sunburn

Fish can actually get sunburnt, so if you donít have shade they can hide under from plants or exterior features then we suggest investing in a product like the Aquascape Fish Cave. In the meantime, turning some clay pots on their side underwater can give them a temporary place to hide. A member of our Facebook community said she uses a large pipe underwater for this and to give the fish a place to hide from predators. Weíve also seen customers use shade cloth to provide some additional shade.

We hope you have found these tips helpful and that they keep your fish swimming happy. As you watch out for the safety of your fish, donít forget about yourself, too. Stay hydrated, stay cool and stay safe in high summer temps!

Article Posted: 07/20/2022 05:50:08 PM

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