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Inspiration for Your Water Features from 13 Incredible Yards in St. Louis

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Hi there, I’m Toni, the digital marketing manager for Webb’s. I had the pleasure of attending the Pond-O-Rama in St. Louis, MO this summer with my husband. In this post, I’ll be sharing glimpses of the features that we visited on the tour to inspire you and give you ideas for your current pond or your next water feature!

The Pond-O-Rama is an annual event organized by the St. Louis Water Garden Society and this year included 30 yards and a large variety of water features.

It was incredible to see the creativity and wide array of personal style reflected in each owner’s backyard. We didn’t make it to all the homes on the tour, but we made many and took the time to thoroughly enjoy each water feature that we visited, imagining what it would be like to live with these features every day—pure bliss!

1. There's Gnome Place Like Home

This 15,000 gallon pond was built in 2000 and has been on every Pond-O-Rama tour held! We love the humor and laid back vibes the yard gnomes and decor added to this pond that stretched beautifully across the owners backyard.

pond and stream in whimsical backyard

2. The Natural Swimming Pool & Pond Combo

This yard has both a natural swimming pool and a traditional koi pond. The temperature was well into the 90s the day we toured, so we were very tempted to jump in. The pool is definitely inviting, and then just down the path the pond beckoned one to sit and relax. Another cool touch? Stadium chairs from the old Busch Stadium where the St. Louis Cardinals once played are perched at the top of the hill overlooking the koi pond. The swimming hole is 16' x 25' x 4' while the traditional koi pond is 10' x 20' x 2'.

natural swimming hole
pond next to swimming hole

3. The Pond with a Hidden Garden

We saw the largest koi all day at this 600 gallon pond. Everyone that walked by commented on the "big boy". The shed that sits atop the hill is rather charming, and discovering their hidden garden further down the path was a delight.

pond and huge koi fish
entrance to the hidden garden

4. The Bright and Peaceful Pond

Next up we visited a feature with 10' stream that feeds into 12' x 14' pond—home to some lovely koi. This feature was bright and happy. One could easily watch the fish swim amongst the lilies all day.

sunny pond

5. The Zen Water Garden

The first thing I heard someone ask at this home was, "Who's the yogi?" The whole yard is full of good vibes. Listening to the waterfall spilling into the koi pond from the deck nearby would be a dream. A 3000 gph skimmer along with the feature waterfall provide great filtration, keeping the pond clear enough to see the lovely stone lined walls. Right past the pond a bubbler stone feeds a creek into another pond at the opposite side of the yard.

pond with smooth stone stacked walls and elephant god statue

6. The Water Garden with a Bamboo Grove

There are multiple waterfalls and fountains throughout this Japanese inspired water garden. You are constantly surrounded by the sound of water while walking through the impressive bamboo grove which the owner stated all grew from one original potted plant.

pond and Japanese style seating area
bamboo grove with cool statue

7. The Pond with the English Garden Vibes

Walking down the paver path, amidst the climbing vines, to this pond was very charming. We arrived at the 14' x 18' koi pond in the backyard to find happy fish swimming among the mostly native plants. The front yard also featured a pondless stream!

pathway of pavers on side of white house
beautiful pond with native plants

8. The Spring Fed Pond

This water garden beckons nature, and covers the footprint of the entire backyard. It's also fed by a natural spring! A winding creek passes under a bridge, and then down a gorgeous waterfall into a sweet koi pond at the bottom. All can be viewed from the homeowners' deck and a great viewing platform next to the koi pond.

spring fed pond with long stream

9. The Retreat Water Garden

Wow! We felt like we were attending a retreat at a resort walking through this water garden. The plants in and around the water were wonderfully lush, and there's water flowing everywhere—from the top pond to the bottom and from a cascading stream winding down the hill and under a rock bridge to the bottom pond, too. In addition to sounds of water, the owner also had outdoor speakers hidden amongst her landscaping and we were treated to zen music to compliment. Pathways took one through the water garden, past luxurious seating and into a serene garden area. It was perfect.

lush water garden retreat

10. The Flamingo Way Pond

Built in 2020, it was awesome to see how quickly a pond can become established and provide an oasis in a backyard. At 8' x 12' the pond is beautifully situated in front of a forested backdrop, and the owner has seating right in front of it to enjoy it to the fullest.

pond in front of a wooded area

11. The Magical Pondless Waterfall

Next up we got to experience an impressive pondless waterfall feature constructed of natural limestone from Missouri. A massive display of countless waterfalls can all be viewed from a large picture window situated directly in front of the bottom falls.

pond and stream in whimsical backyard

12. The Expansive Pond

Built and owned by an Aquascape Artist of the Year this 120' x 60' pond had features everywhere and was really neat to experience first hand. From a shallow bog area, to 8' deep at it's deepest, to trickling streams and large expansive waterfall features it was a wonder to walk through. Plus beautiful pond plants, spillway bowls, koi and strategically placed seating areas were gorgeous cherries on top of this thoughtfully designed work of art.

pond and stream in whimsical backyard

13. Whimsy Everywhere Water Garden

The last water garden we got to visit was a great bookend with it's multiple features and whimsical details. Creativity was on display throughout the features which included a koi pond, bog area, water fountains and green houses. One green house even had a waterfall inside. Eclectic decor was placed throughout the backyard and incredible plants graced not only the water but especially the spaces in between.

pond and stream in whimsical backyard
pond and stream in whimsical backyard

The weekend was a great hit! Overall, it was an incredible opportunity to see what other pond affectionados have created in their backyards. All of the owners were so welcoming and eager to share technical and creative details from their features. If you ever get a chance to attend the St. Louis Water Garden Society's Pond-O-Rama we'd highly recommend it. And until then, we hope that the glimpses we've provided here are inspiring for your water garden journeys.

Article Posted: 07/11/2022 05:46:42 PM

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