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Pond Education Center

Webb's Pond Education Center contains all kinds of resources for the pond enthusiast including pond news, how-to articles and product reviews. We have articles and videos covering the water gardening hobby and everything you need for your pond.

How-To Articles

How-To articles abound! From what to feed fish at different pond temperatures, to how to calculate liner size, we've got you covered.

Product Reviews

Read reviews on pond and water gardening supplies we sell in our online store. We not only sell these items, we put them to the test.

Featured Articles

Taking Care of Your Submersible Pond Pump

Want to keep your submersible pond pump running optimally? Adding just a few steps to your pond maintenance routine can make all the difference.

Article Posted: 04/12/2024 02:01:56 PM

How to Build a Backyard Waterfall

If you've dreamed of adding the sights and sounds of a waterfall to your backyard then you're in the right place. In this post, we'll share tips for creating the diy backyard waterfall of your dreams.

Article Posted: 03/19/2024 03:56:21 PM

How to Size a Pond Liner

One of the first questions you will have when building a pond is, "How much pond liner do I need?" Keep reading to learn how to measure for a pond liner.

Article Posted: 02/20/2024 11:49:46 AM

Light Up Your Pond for Evening Enjoyment

When choosing lights for a pond you’ll want to consider the layout of your pond, your design preferences, the types of pond lights available and then be prepared for installation (it’s easy we promise!).

Article Posted: 01/09/2024 09:50:14 PM

Fall Pond Maintenance: 7 Tips to Employ during the Changing Seasons

Proper care during the fall ensures that your backyard pond remains healthy, beautiful, and protected through the winter. Use these tips for success.

Article Posted: 10/11/2023 04:20:59 PM

Pond Skimmer 101

Maintaining a serene and picturesque pond requires careful attention to various elements, and one helpful piece of equipment is a pond skimmer. In this article, we delve into the world of pond skimmers, exploring their benefits, functionality, installation, and maintenance.

Article Posted: 09/13/2023 05:59:01 PM

Share Your Passion for Ponding with the Kids in your Life!

Pond themed arts & crafts, koi fun facts, coloring sheets. Use the ideas in this blog post to introduce the world of ponding to kids. And remember safety first—always supervise kids around a pond.

Article Posted: 08/01/2023 11:01:46 PM

Spring Pond Cleaning with a Pro

We recently tagged along with Pete Gallo of Philadelphia Waterscapes during one of his professional spring pond cleanings. Take a watch and let us know what you learn!

Article Posted: 04/19/2023 05:33:04 PM

Aeration 101: How to aerate a pond, and the benefits of doing so

In this post we’ll cover whether or not you need a pond aerator, the benefits of adding aeration to your pond and how to install an aerator in your pond.

Article Posted: 04/18/2023 07:59:52 PM

Accenting the Pond with Plants

Adding aquatic plants to your pond can help improve the health and aesthetic of your water feature. Get to know the four main categories of plants available and the benefits of each.

Article Posted: 03/21/2023 06:33:46 PM

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