Airline Tubing Airline Tubing Every air pump needs tubing. We carry every size from your standard 3/16" airline to 1". Weighted and non-weighted are available.
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Cat Airline Tubing
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Airline Tubing

Laguna Airline Tubing

Elite Silicone Airline Tubing is blue airline tubing that doesn't crack or become brittle over time like regular airline tubing. It is super-soft, very flexible, and will not harden or kink. Ideal for use with air pumps, decorations and more.

  • 3⁄16" Inside diameter standard silicone airline tubing.
  • Soft & pliable.
  • Will not crack, kink, harden or become brittle.
  • Laguna Airline Tubing

    Lifegard Aquatics Airline Tubing
    • Fits all standard pumps and accessories
    • Non-toxic and ozone free
    • Flexible and durable

    Lifegard Aquatics Airline Tubing

    Weighted Airline Tubing for Garden Ponds

    Designed to stay submerged underwater and out of sight, our self-weighted airline is guaranteed not to float. A thick wall and lead-free construction make airline the perfect pond-safe choice. Resistant to rips and tears, airline is resilient against fishing hooks and foot traffic from swimmers, pets and wildlife.

    Weighted Airline Tubing for Garden Ponds

    Item Length
    Weighted Airline 3/8" x 25'
    $70.00 $30.00 | 75 Points
    Weighted Airline 3/8" x 50'
    $100.00 $58.00 | 100 Points
    Weighted Airline 3/8" x 100'
    $150.00 $95.00 | 200 Points
    Weighted Airline 5/8" x 25'
    $80.00 $50.00 | 125 Points
    Weighted Airline 5/8" x 50'
    $120.00 $95.00 | 200 Points
    Weighted Airline 1" x 50'
    $212.00 $168.00 | 400 Points
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