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Aquascape Beneficial Bacteria

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Aquascape Beneficial Bacteria contains 8 pure strains of concentrated beneficial bacteria, including PSB bacteria and enzymes. This combination of natural cleaners helps to maintain a strong biological balance in your pond. Water gardens are enclosed ecosystems, which sometimes factors like fish load, uneaten fish food, organics such as leaves, sludge and unwanted debris may disrupt the balance. Aquascape Beneficial Bacteria maintains a strong biological balance; providing clean, clear and healthy water conditions. PSB (Photo Synthetic Bacteria) help quickly clear pond water by clumping fine debris and allowing it to settle.

Aquascape Beneficial Bacteria Dosage
Add to the area of the pond with the most circulation or directly into the skimmer opening. Water temperature must be at least 50F
One pump treats up to 100 gallons of water.
Treat 2 times per week for the first 2 weeks
After initial treatment, use a maintenance dose of 1 pump per 100 gallons weekly for the remainder of the season
Aquascape Beneficial Bacteria

Aquascape Beneficial Bacteria

  SKU Size Treats (up to) Add
Aquascape Beneficial Bacteria, 8 Ounces
$13.98 $11.18 | 28 Points
8 Ounces
5,000 gallons
Aquascape Beneficial Bacteria, 16 Ounces
$19.98 $15.98 | 40 Points
16 Ounces
10,000 gallons-100 gallons per pump
Aquascape Beneficial Bacteria, 32 Ounces
$34.98 $27.98 | 70 Points
32 Ounces
20,000 gallons-100 gallons per pump
Aquascape Beneficial Bacteria, 1 Gallon
$79.98 $63.98 | 160 Points
1 gallon
80,000 gallons-500 gallons per pump
AquascapePRO Beneficial Bacteria, 1 Gallon
$99.99 $89.99 | 225 Points
1 gallon
96,000 gallons-6,000 gallons per cup
32 Ounces
20,000 gallons
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