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Aquascape Parasite & Ich Treatment (Liquid)

Used For the Treatment of External Protozoan Parasites Including, Freshwater / Saltwater Ich, Costia and Trichodenella

Common symptoms include fish quickly rubbing or flashing against surfaces within the pond. White spots that look like grains of salt or larger stuck to the surface of the fish. Common issues that should be avoided include water temperature fluctuation, poor water quality and/or fish stress. It is important to treat immediately after noticing the first signs of a parasite problem on your pond fish. 

How much: 5 ml treats 25 gallons.1 bottle treats 1,250 gallons.

How often: One dose, every other day. If symptoms persist after 3 doses, perform a 25% water change and repeat treatment. 

How to: Shake before use. Dilute liquid treatment in 1 gallon of pond water. Distribute evenly around the pond or add to an area with good circulation. Discontinue the use of UV clarifiers or chemical filtration, including use of carbon or zeolite. Ensure proper oxygenation during treatment. 

Aquascape Parasite & Ich Treatment (Liquid)

Aquascape Parasite & Ich Treatment (Liquid)

  SKU Size Treats (up to) Add
8 Ounces
1,250 gallons
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