Basins Basins These reservoirs make it easy to install a formal spillway or disappearing fountain of your choice. Designed to take the guesswork out of installing fountain rocks, hand-carved stone, brass fountains, and bubbling urns.
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Atlantic Complete Basin Kits

Atlantic Basin Kits are designed to fit perfectly with all of our formal spillways - the Color Changing Colorfalls, the Classic Colorfalls and our new Stainless Steel Scuppers. Whether you're adding the shimmering nighttime enchantment of a Colorfalls or an elegant touch of class with a Stainless Steel Scupper, our Basin Kits provide everything you need to complete the installation, from the reservoir to the plumbing to the pump, with all the fittings, double filtration, splash mat, even an Automatic Fill Valve!

  • Colorfalls Basin & Tidal Wave Pump
  • 1 1/2" x 10' Flexible PVC Pipe
  • Splash Mat
  • AF1000 Auto Fill
  • Complete Installation Kit including pump discharge, flow valve, spray glue and thread sealant

Atlantic Complete Basin Kits

Item For Use With Dimension Includes
All 12" Spillways
20"W x 20"D x 16"H
CFBASIN12 & TW1200 pump
All 24" Spillways
44"W x 22"D x 16"H
CFBASIN24 & TW2400 pump
All 36" Spillways
56"W x 24"D x 16"H
CFBASIN36 & TW3700 pump
EasyPro Fountain Basin

Measures 26" x 26" and is 12" deep. Ideal for small statues, vases or rocks where splash is minimal. Mag drive pumps from 120 GPH to 600 GPH are recommended.

EasyPro Fountain Basin

Item Dimensions Capacity
EasyPro 26" Fountain Basin (MPN EFB26)
$199.79 $159.83 | 400 Points
FREE $15.00 Free Gift Certificate Code
26"W x 26"L x 12"H
15 gallons
EasyPro 50" Fountain Basin (MPN EFB50)
$449.99 $419.95 | 880 Points
FREE $25.00 Free Gift Certificate Code
50"W x 50"L x 14"H
80 gallons
EasyPro Eco-Series lightweight basin with bench grating
  • Ideal for use with light weight resin type statuary pieces
  • Clear span grating - no legs for easy pump installation and removal
  • 100 pound load rating
  • Designed for concrete blocks to sit under grating which greatly increases load capacity!
  • 40" and 48" sizes available

EasyPro Eco-Series lightweight basin with bench grating

Item Size Capacity
EasyPro Eco-Series 40" lightweight basin with bench grating (MPN FBL40)
$315.99 | 540 Points
FREE $20.00 Free Gift Certificate Code
30 gallons
EasyPro Eco-Series 48" lightweight basin with bench grating (MPN FBL48)
$309.99 $247.99 | 620 Points
FREE $25.00 Free Gift Certificate Code
46 gallons

EasyPro Eco-Series lightweight basin with bench grating

AquaBasin 30 and 45

Designed to provide a trouble-free, easy-to-install fountain basin for a wide variety of decorative water feature installations, including natural stone, brass and resin fountains. Its innovative design provides water feature owners and installers with features and benefits that eliminate guesswork, improve water circulation, increase accessibility and ensure a lifetime of enjoyment.

New AquaBasin Features:

  • Professional-grade, high-density polyethylene is built to last and backed by a lifetime warranty
  • Structural desk cylinders reinforce basin strength and provide endless plumbing and lighting configurations
  • Large, flat deck design makes it easy to set and position your choice of fountain
  • Large corner pump access panel simplifies pump access, fits larger pumps and sits elevated above the deck, preventing gravel from falling into the basin when removing the lid.
  • Square shape maximizes water storage capacity.
  • Protects pump and reduces maintenance.

AquaBasin 30 and 45

Item Dimensions (LxWxH) Water Storage Capacity Max Flow rate Weight Capacity
Aquascape AquaBasin 30 (MPN 78223)
$260.98 $215.98 | 540 Points
27 Gal
2,000 GPH
500 lbs.
Aquascape AquaBasin 45 (MPN 78224)
$399.98 $359.98 | 800 Points
98 Gal
4,000 GPH
1,500 lbs.
Pondmaster Disappearing Fountain Basin
  • 2'x2' Basin, Grating, Plastic Mesh Screen and PVC Support Insert (Does not Include Pottery, Pump or Decorative Stone)
  • Easy to Install
  • Strong and Durable
  • Flexible! Sink Basin in the Ground, Halfway in the Ground or All the Way Above Ground

Pondmaster Disappearing Fountain Basin

Atlantic Stainless Steel Splash Ring And Basin

Want an elegant new way to control splash? Our new Stainless Steel Splash Rings tame errant droplets and complement all of our formal spillways, with 304 Stainless mesh and sides so all you see is polished steel. Add a new SOL Light Ring for a dramatic nighttime effect!

05460 Recommended To Use With: CFBASIN12 (04692)

05477 Recommended To Use With: CFBASIN24 (02391)

05484 Recommended To Use With: CFBASIN36 (04685)

Atlantic Stainless Steel Splash Ring And Basin

Item Dimensions Capacity
16"W x 8"D x 1 1/2"H
28"W x 8"D x 1 1/2"H
40"W x 8"D x 1 1/2"H
20"W x 20"D x 16"H
18 gallons
44"W x 22"D x 16"H
33 gallons
56"W x 24"D x 16"H
42 gallons

Atlantic Stainless Steel Splash Ring And Basin

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