CrystalClear Water Conditioners CrystalClear Water Conditioners Vanish will immediately remove chlorine that is present in city water supplies. Chlorine is toxic to fish, left untreated chlorine can cause gill damage and leave fish unable to breathe. Use Vanish when performing water changes or setting up a new po
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CrystalClear Water Conditioners

CrystalClear Foam-B-Gone Anti Foam
airmax CrystalClear Foam B Gone Anti Foam 1 gallon Free 10 gift certificate

This will remove foam from water within seconds of application. Foam is caused by excessive organic matter present in the pond. Protein foam can be harmful and should be removed quickly.

  • Removes Foam In Seconds
  • For Use In Ponds, Fountains & Statuary
  • Safe For All Aquatic & Domestic Animals
CrystalClear Foam-B-Gone Application Rates
Pond Size Dose
2,000 gallons 2 oz.
4,000 gallons 4 oz.
8,000 gallons 8 oz.
16,000 gallons 16 oz.

Routine Application Rate
Shake well before use. Apply Foam-B-Gone as needed.

Persistent Problem Application Rate
For persistent and heavy foaming problems apply Foam-B-Gone as needed. We strongly recommend adding strong beneficial bacteria such as ClarityMax to remove unwanted organics that cause foam.

CrystalClear Foam-B-Gone Anti Foam

Item Size Treats (up to)
CrystalClear Foam-B-Gone Anti-Foam 1 gallon (MPN CC060-1G)
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1 gallon
128,000 gallons
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CrystalClear Vanish Liquid DeChlorinator

Vanish by CrystalClear will instantly remove chlorine and heavy metals from your water supply. Startup or water changes, Vanish will treat your water to eliminate damaging chemicals that can harm your aquatic life. Vanish will also add a fish slime coat to protect against abrasions, wounds and in times of stress.

Vanish is safe for use with fish, plants, birds and domestic animals.

CrystalClear Vanish Liquid Application Rates
Pond Size
100 gallons 1/2 oz.
200 gallons 1 oz.
1,000 gallons 5 oz.
1,600 gallons 8 oz.
New Pond Apply Vanish at the rate per gallon prescribed above after new pond has been filled. After 20 minutes pond water will be safe for fish & plants.
Established Pond Apply Vanish at the rate per gallon prescribed above when performing a water change or refilling evaporated water
When adding Vanish during a water change it is safest to fill buckets of tap water and apply the correct amount for the number of gallons the bucket holds. Stir water in the bucket and dump treated water into the pond. Apply Vanish to an area of the pond with the most circulation to ensure the product will be dispersed throughout the entire pond.

CrystalClear Vanish Liquid DeChlorinator

Item Size Treats (up to)
8 oz
1,600 gallons
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