Floating Aerating & Decorative Fountains Floating Aerating & Decorative Fountains From large ponds to lakes you'll find all decorative and aerating fountains here. Optional LED lighting packages are available.
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Floating Aerating & Decorative Fountains
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Floating Aerating & Decorative Fountains

Floating Aerating & Decorative Fountains

The perfect way to add superior oxygenation and aesthetic brilliance. Use these fountains in your pond, lake, decorative or industrial application.

Kasco Aerating Fountains

Kasco Floating Fountains deliver both superior oxygenation and aesthetic brilliance. Designed with clog-resistant technology, use these fountains in your pond, lake, or in decorative and industrial applications.

Kasco Decorative Fountains

Kasco decorative fountains are the perfect way to add class to any small or mid-size pond or lake. This versatile fountain comes with five interchangeable nozzle heads giving you the option to choose and change the spray pattern as you wish.

Oase Floating Fountains

Oase decorative fountains are perfect for garden parties and special events. Made for ponds with varying water levels, they are eco-friendly, environmentally smart and will improve overall water quality and clarity.

Pond Boss Floating Fountain with Lights

The Pond Boss Floating Fountain with Lights is a beautiful water accent that aerates and decorates a large body of water. Energy efficient with quality constructed materials that provide maximum durability.

Matala Floating Fountain

Matala high-quality floating fountain can be used in ponds, lakes or retention ponds. The compact design houses a powerful pump that sits low in the water. Simply anchor the fountain and plug it in!

Scott Aerator Pond Aerator

An effective way to prevent or remedy this situation is by using a Scott fountain aerator, which discourages the formation of algae, adds oxygen to your water, promotes healthier fish, and improves the ecosystem. It clears murky, discolored water, too. You'll notice a difference in just a few days. And your Scott Aerator's rugged design will help maintain that difference over time.

Scott Aerator Pond Fountains

The elegant look and tranquil sound of a fountain's cascading water are exquisite additions to any pond or lakescape. Better yet, a Scott Aerator pond fountain not only beautifies your pond but also promotes a healthy aquatic environment through steady water circulation and oxygen transfer.

All Scott Aerator Products

Scott Aerator pond fountains and water aerators are high quality, eco-friendly pond management products. Enjoy the aesthetically pleasing qualities of our fountains and aerators and be amazed at how quickly they restore and enhance your pond's natural environment. These fountains and aerators are easy and quick to install and are nearly maintenance-free.

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