Fountain Heads Fountain Heads To have a fountain you'll need a fountain head. Offering a variety of options for specific flowrates.
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Fountain Heads

Aquascape Ultra Pump Fountain Head Kit

The Aquascape Fountain Head Kit is ideal to add the beauty and sounds of a fountain to your water feature while retaining the ability to divert water flow to an additional accessory such as a decorative spitter or a pond filter. The included diverter valve allows for the adjustment of both the flow to the fountain head attachment and the diverted flow to an accessory. Fountain heads are also an excellent way to help oxygenate your pond to ensure that the ponds ecosystem is healthy.

Contents & Pump Parts:
  • (1) Diverter Valve Assembly
  • (4) Fountain Riser Stems
  • (1) Foaming Jet Fountain Head
  • (1) Waterfall Fountain Head
  • (1) Daisy Fountain Head

Aquascape Ultra Pump Fountain Head Kit

Item Icons Pump Size Add
Ultra 400-800
Ultra 1100-2000
Atlantic Fountain Head for MD Pond & Fountain Pump

New Mag Drive Fountain Heads from Atlantic Water Gardens. Add another dimension to your water garden with Atlantic™s all new Fountain Heads. Compatible with all of Atlantic™s Mag Drive Pumps, this versatile Fountain Head pivots to make leveling easy, telescope to adjustable heights and feature four different spray patterns to choose from.

Atlantic Fountain Head for MD Pond & Fountain Pump

Item Min Height Max Height Inlet Outlet For Use With Includes Add
3/4" FIPT
1/2" Insert
Telescoping diverter w/ 4 interchangeable heads
Telescoping diverter w/ 4 interchangeable heads
Laguna PowerJet Fountain Head

This 3 step fountain head is used for Laguna PowerJet fountain/waterfall pump kit. Also fits Laguna PowerJet skimmer filter pump models.

Laguna PowerJet Fountain Head

Item Add
Oase Fountain Nozzles
Fountain Nozzle Frothy 1

The lively bubbling water pattern generated by the foam effect nozzles is the optimal accessory for watercourse inlets, stepped pool installations, or fountain installations with a water reservoir at a lower level. By mixing air with water, the pattern appears to be extremely high-volume. Nevertheless the nozzles actually have a low water requirement. The beautiful soft foam jet offers a strong contrast to its environment. As opposed to Cascade and Geyser nozzles, Schaumsprudler nozzles work independently of the water level so that fluctuations in the water level do not affect the water pattern.

  • High contrast, lively water pattern.
  • Foam / spume effect.
  • Trouble-free continuous operation.
  • Offers oxygen enrichment.
  • Extensively wind-stable.
  • Water level independent.

Oase Fountain Nozzles

Item Min. Pattern Size Thread Size & Type Add
1.5 ft.
1 in. (male)
3 ft. (dia)
1 in. (male)
4.25 x 6.58 ft.
1 in. (male)

Oase Fountain Nozzles

Item Add
OASE Nozzle Set (1/2 in.)

Add a beautiful water display to your small pond or water garden with this nozzle set. Included are 4 nozzles that each provide a unique water pattern for your water feature. Connects to Oase Fountain Pump 320 & 525

    Nozzle kit includes:
  • Extension tube with flow control
  • Bell Nozzle
  • Jets Nozzle
  • Calyx Nozzle
  • Vulcan Nozzle
  • Hose Tail Adapter
  • Diverter Valve for 1/4" Tubing

OASE Nozzle Set (1/2 in.)

Item Add
Easy Pro Foam Jet Nozzle

These fountain nozzles are perfect for your custom designed fountain water feature. Durable construction.

  • Stainless Steel Foam Jet Nozzle
  • Great for fountains with fluctuating water level
  • Not water level dependent
  • Measures approx. 6-1/4" H x 2-4/8" W

Easy Pro Foam Jet Nozzle

Item Add
Tetra LED Fountain Set w/Remote
The Tetra Pond LED Fountain Kit contains everything you need to create a stunning light-and-water show, right in your backyard. The fountain head is surrounded by 12 low-voltage color changing LED's that illuminate the spraying water to create a brilliant display. An automatic on/off sensor turns the light on at dusk and off at dawn. Installation is easy: just attach to your existing Tetra pump line and you're ready to go!
  • LED Ring
  • Spray head, Diverter Set
  • Fountain Accessories & Connector
  • Light Sensor (automatically turns light on at dusk and off at dawn)
  • 20' power cord

Tetra LED Fountain Set w/Remote

Item Cord Length Max Depth Add
20 ft
18 inches
Pondmaster LED Light Ring with Fountain Head
It's showtime with the LED light ring/fountainhead pump accessory. Attach to your pump, wait until dark, and watch as your water garden is transformed with this spectacular, brightly lit Fleur de Lis display.
  • Adapts to pumps with 1/2" or 3/4" threaded outlets
  • Included diverter allows for flow control
  • Energy efficient 18 LED light ring
  • 15' power cord

Pondmaster LED Light Ring with Fountain Head

Item Icons Recommended Pumps Add
250-950 GPH
950-1800 GPH
Aquabelle Bell Fountain Kit
  • Bell Fountain Kit : Use with pump from 250 up to 700 GPH output
  • Small Bell Fountain Kit : Use with pumps up to 190 GPH output
  • Fountain head can be adjusted to suit preference and larger pump capacities
  • Easy to install
  • Wind Resistant

Aquabelle Bell Fountain Kit

Item Pump Size Add
Pondmaster 250-700
Pondmaster MD1.5 & 1.9
Pondmaster Adjustable Fountain Kit
  • Use with pumps up to 700 GPH output
  • Easily adapts to accept 1/4" or 1/2" male outlet
  • Unique 3-way, clog resistant spray head
  • Easy to install
  • 3 Patterns: High Fleur de Lis, Lotus and Low Fleur de Lis

Pondmaster Adjustable Fountain Kit

Item Pump Size Add
Pondmaster 200
Laguna Pond Fountain Pump Kits - Replacement Parts

Laguna Replacement Accessory Fountain Head Kit for the Laguna Pond Fountain Pump Kits

Laguna Pond Fountain Pump Kits - Replacement Parts

Item Add
Atlantic Fountain Nozzles
Atlanticís Fountain Nozzles are designed to take advantage of higher volume, lower pressure, energy-efficient asynchronous pumps. Nozzles direct water in decorative patterns or shapes in fountain applications. Higher volume Nozzles with larger openings are less susceptible to clogging and wind deflection
  • Made of 304 stainless steel
  • Direct water in decorative patterns or shapes
  • High performance and longevity

Atlantic Fountain Nozzles

Item Inlet Dimension Spray @ 2' Spray @ 6' Spray @ 10' Add
2½" W x 6" H
960 GPH
1,560 GPH
2,040 GPH
1½" MIPT
3½" W x 4½" H
1,200 GPH (6' spread)
1,980 GPH (12' spread)
2,580 GPH (18' spread)
1½" MIPT
2" W x 6½" H
1,080 GPH
1,560 GPH
2,040 GPH
1½" MIPT
2" W x 6" H
1,380 GPH (8' spread)
2,760 GPH (20' spread)
4,500 GPH (30' spread)
4" W x 4½" H
1,800 GPH
2,880 GPH
3,780 GPH
Anjon Manufacturing Fountain Nozzle

Anjon Manufacturing Fountain Nozzle

Anjon Manufacturing Fountain Nozzle

Item Flow Rate Input Add
.75" & 1"
1" Male
Pond Boss Nozzle Kit

The pond boss® Fountain Nozzle Kit provides options for different decorative water displays in fountains and containers. Besides creating beautiful displays, nozzles allow you to control the direction of water flow and aerate the water by introducing oxygen to your water feature.

Pond Boss Nozzle Kit

Item Icons Add
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