Maintenance & Accessories Maintenance & Accessories All fountains will require some level of maintenance. Keep them looking good by being proactive with these treatments and accessories.
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Maintenance & Accessories

Aquascape Water Feature Maintenance Liquid

Water Feature Maintenance will eliminate scale that will often build up in areas of the water feature that contain moving water, while also preventing the build up of debris on the surface of the fountain.

This product does not contain acids that may damage the fountain surface.

  • Helps maintain the beauty of your water feature
  • Helps maintain perfect water quality
  • Prevents white scale without damaging feature
  • Non-toxic, safe for plants and animals
Aquascape Water Feature Maintenance Liquid Dosage
1 pump treats up to
10 gal.
Add to the area of the fountain with the most circulation.
Use as necessary, or once weekly as preventative maintenance

Aquascape Water Feature Maintenance Liquid

Item Size Treats (up to)
8 oz
500 gallons
16 oz
1000 gallons
Aquascape Fountain Shims

Fountain Shims are ideal for leveling resin, concrete or GFRC water fountains and features

The durable plastic construction is impervious to water damage, and allows the shims to be stacked for convenience.

  • 6 shims included
  • Size: 4.25" L x .75" W x .25" H
  • Weight: 1.6 lbs.

Aquascape Fountain Shims

Atlantic Biocuda Colorfalls & Fountain Treatment 8 oz.

Atlantic Biocuda Colorfalls & Fountain Treatment is designed to keep Colorfalls and Fountain Basin water clear and free from odor by preventing organic debris from building up. It can be used to treat the water in Colorfalls, Fountain, and Bubbler applications.

For best results, apply once per week.

  • Clears Fountain Water
  • Removes Suspended Organic Debris
  • 8 ounces

Application Rates
Teaspoon Application Rates Basin / Amount of Gallons
1/2 tspn. 12" Colorfalls Basin
1 tspn. 24" & 36" Colorfalls Basin
1 tspn. Treats 50 Gallons
1 tspn. Treats 150 Gallons

Atlantic Biocuda Colorfalls & Fountain Treatment 8 oz.

TetraPond Fountain Block

Helps Control Algae Growth in Containerized Ponds and Fountains

Fountain block helps clear cloudy water and remove algae from ornamental pond/fountain water. Fountain block is limited for use in backyard/homeowner ponds and water fountains.

  • Not recommended for use with live plants.
Tetra Pond Block Application Rates
Pond Size (gallons) - 30 - 80 gallons Dose - 1 block
Initial dose may require one block for each 30 gallons
For regular maintenance, replace block when fully dissolved (usually about 10 days)

TetraPond Fountain Block

Item Size
6 blocks
Jungle Labs Fountain AcScents
Great for Table Top Fountains
  • Make the beauty of your fountain last.
  • Helps keep water clean and clear of hard water deposits, white scale and foam.
  • Water stays fresher, longer.

Fountain AcScents™ Cleaning Fizz Tabs help keep water clean and clear. Prevents hard water deposits and white scale in your fountain. Freshens water with a gentle scent.

Jungle Labs Fountain AcScents

Item Size Treatment
8 tabs
1 tab up to 2 cups
Aquascape Rock and Fountain Cleaner
    Keeps water features looking beautiful
  • Quickly eliminates debris from waterfalls, fountains or streams
  • Easy-to-use spray bottle application
  • Safe for use in features containing fish and plants

Aquascape Rock and Fountain Cleaner

Item Size Treats (up to)
32 oz
300 sq ft
Aquascape Fountain Scale Free

Aquascape Feature Scale Free will protect your ornamental fountain from damage caused by scale and stain buildup. Scale buildup can permanently damage water pumps and clog fountain plumbing. Aquascape Feature Scale Free does not contain harsh chemicals or acids that often damage ornamental fountains and will add the fresh clean smell of lavender to your fountain or water feature. Keep your water features looking their best with Aquascape Feature Scale Free.

Aquascape Fountain Scale Free

Item Size 1 Bottle Treats (up to) 1 Pump Treats (up to)
8 oz
500 gal.
10 gal.
Aquascape Fountain Foam Free

Aquascape Feature Foam Free will eliminate foam that will often build up in water features in and around fast-moving water. Keep your water features looking their very best by using Aquascape Feature Foam Free. Safe for fish, plants and animals.

Aquascape Fountain Foam Free

Item Size 1 Bottle Treats (up to) 1 Pump Treats (up to)
8 oz
500 gal.
10 gal.
Aquascape Fountain Accent light

Add a new dimension to your decorative fountain with the Aquascape LED Fountain Accent Light. This compact, round-shaped fitting retrofits almost all Aquascape fountains.

The unit allows water to pass through the center of the light making for a stunning display. If you currently own an Aquascape decorative fountain that came with a plastic waterspout, this new light is completely interchangeable and can be swapped out in a few minutes.

  • LED Fountain Accent Lights fit, and are interchangeable with standard Aquascape decorative product connections
  • The attached hose tail fits half-inch and three-quarter inch hose sizes
  • Easily incorporates into standard 12 volt lighting systems
  • Compatible with all Aquascape LED lighting systems
  • Comes with quick connect fittings
  • Weight: 0.6 lbs.

Aquascape Fountain Accent light

Atlantic AWGFT2, AWG Lighting

LED lighting systems make it easy to turn your water feature into a day and night attraction. These lights are multi-purpose as they can be used underwater or in open air installations. Built-in photo cell automatically turn the lights on at dusk and off at dawn, eliminating the need for timers and switches. LED bulb technology offers long life and low energy consumption.

  • Creates a delightful ‘liquid torch’ effect in a variety of fountain pieces, cored boulders and pottery
  • Eight warm white LED's in a gasketed body that fits in any 1 1/2" Sch 40 socket fitting
  • Adjustable nipple to vary the height of the illuminated plume as desired

Atlantic AWGFT2, AWG Lighting

Item Wattage Dimensions Cord Length Includes
1 7/8"W x 3/4"H
20 ft.
LED Fountain Light, 1/2" MPT x 3/4" insert fitting and transformer
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