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Laguna Aeration Kits

Laguna Aeration Kits ensure that your pond is properly oxygenated throughout the year. In the summer months oxygen is critical to stocked ponds particularly during very hot periods. In winter they provide the they help keep the water surface from freezing.

Laguna Aeration Kits

Adding oxygen into a fish pond is crucial for fish health, particularly in densely stocked ponds during the hot summer months when oxygen levels decline, as well as during the winter months to prevent the pond from freezing completely. Laguna Air Pumps are safe for outdoor use, but it is recommended that the unit is enclosed in a garden shed or similar to protect against the elements, during the winter months.

  • Oxygenates ponds for clean and clear ecosystems
  • Promotes healthy aquatic life
  • Helps breakdown fish waste
  • Prevents pond surfaces from complete freezing in winter months
  • Quiet & reliable low wattage pump
  • Energy efficient
              Laguna Air Pump Kits

              Laguna Air Pump Kits

                Icons SKU Max Pond Size Max Depth Air Flow Air Stones Airline Tubing Manifold Wattage Cord Length Noise Level Add
              Laguna Aeration Kit 45, PT-1620
              $239.99 $164.95 | 346 Points
              5,000 gallons
              50 LPM
              16' 4"
              12 ports
              60 dB
              Laguna Aeration Kit 75, PT-1624
              $259.99 $186.95 | 400 Points
              7,000 gallons
              11' 5"
              70 LPM
              12 ports
              60 dB

              Laguna Aeration Kit includes everything you need to enhance the quality of pond water during the cold winter months as well as the hot summer season. In winter, it creates an opening at the pond surface and prevents pond surfaces from completely freezing. This allows the release of toxic gases and the replenishment of fresh oxygen that is critical for the survival of fish. In the summer, it provides supplemental aeration which improves the quality of pond water and its inhabitants.


              • Air Pump (Not Submersible)
              • 30 ft of winter safe airline tubing
              • Air diffuser
              • High-density styrofoam float for adjusting air stone depth
              • Best for ponds under 1,000 gallons
              • Wattage: 4.5
              • Product Dimensions: 8 L x 9 W x 5.3 H
              Laguna Optima Aeration Kit

              Laguna Optima Aeration Kit

                Icons SKU Airline Diffuser Add
              Laguna Optima Aeration Kit PT-1630
              $104.99 $55.95 | 100 Points
              30 ft.
              1 airstone & styrofoam float
              30 ft.
              1 airstone & styrofoam float
              Out of Stock
              Laguna Aeration Kits Replacement Parts

              Laguna Aeration Accessories Kit for Air Pump Kit 45 (PT1620) & Kit 75 (PT1624)

              Laguna Replacement Filter Pads for Air Pump Kits

              Laguna Replacement Manifold (12 gang/chrome plated) for Air Pump Kit 45 & 75

              Laguna Air Pump Kits - Replacement Parts

              Laguna Air Pump Kits - Replacement Parts

                Icons SKU Add

              Elite Silicone Airline Tubing is blue airline tubing that doesn't crack or become brittle over time like regular airline tubing. It is super-soft, very flexible, and will not harden or kink. Ideal for use with air pumps, decorations and more.

            • 3⁄16" Inside diameter standard silicone airline tubing.
            • Soft & pliable.
            • Will not crack, kink, harden or become brittle.
            • Laguna Airline Tubing

              Laguna Airline Tubing

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