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Matala UV Clarifiers

Matala UV Clarifiers are a proven, dependable and effective method for controlling and eradicating green water and harmful bacteria in your pond.

Matala UV Clarifiers

Matala Pond UV Clarifiers are designed for Koi ponds and water gardens to help suppress blooms of green water algae, harmful bacteria, parasites, protozoan and viruses. Even in a balanced pond ecosystem, sudden blooms of such organisms can occur due to abnormal changes of weather, fish feeding behavior, mineral nutrient levels, etc. Supplied with high quality Phillips lamps which are considered the best ultraviolet lamps in the world. 

If your UV Clarifier is appropriately sized, expect water clarity within 14 days. Note that string algae on the waterfall, in the pond, and on the sides won't be impacted by the UV light. This is typical for ponds, as the UV only targets single-celled algae that can pass through the unit. Keep in mind, your pond might retain a greenish tint unless you have at least 50% plant coverage or your pond is in partial shade.

  • Easy installation, no tools required
  • Models include options with hose barbs or 2" half union fittings
  • 15' power cord with in line transformer
Matala EzClear UV Clarifiers

Matala EzClear UV Clarifiers

  Icons SKU Wattage Inlet/Outlet Add
Matala EzClear UV Clarifiers
$183.00 From $169.00 | 423+ Points
16, 25, 40, 75 watts
3/4" - 1.5" Hose Barb OR 2" half unions
Matala EzClear UV Clarifier Replacement Parts

The "Silver Bullet" for controlling green water algae blooms. Quick and simple to install featuring a long service life that requires little maintenance. Matala Stainless Steel High Output Pond UV Clarifier safely eliminates green water from your pond your water feature.

  • Quick and simple installation
  • High flow rates possible due to high output lamps, and a single big bore body diameter
  • Long service life and requires very little maintenance
  • Visual LED display indicates when unit needs service
  • Polished stainless steel reactor chamber gives 30% increased UV reflection
  • 2" inlet / outlet MPT
  • 33" long housing w/ 24"L x 5"W base
  • 15 ft. power cord
Matala Stainless Steel UV Clarifier

Matala Stainless Steel UV Clarifier

  Icons SKU Max Pond Size Max Flowrate Inlet/Outlet UV Wattage Add
Matala 40 Watt Stainless Steel UVC
$774.00 $625.00 | 1,563 Points
7,000 gallons
4,000 GPH
2" MPT
40 Watt
Matala 75 Watt Stainless Steel UVC
$973.00 $801.00 | 2,003 Points
11,500 gallons
5,700 GPH
2" MPT
75 Watt
Matala 150 Watt Stainless Steel UVC
$1,598.00 $1,335.00 | 3,338 Points
13,000 gallons
6,500 GPH
2" MPT
75 Watt (2)
Matala 300 Watt Stainless Steel UVC (4) 75W Lamps
$2,895.00 $2,392.00 | 5,980 Points
30,000 gallons
17,000 GPH
3" MPT
75 Watt (4)
Matala Stainless Steel UVC Replacement Parts
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