Spillways & Diffusers Spillways & Diffusers When a fall of water is desired and filtration is not needed. They diffuse incoming water flow to create the beginnings of streams and waterfalls.
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Plastic Spillways & Diffusers
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Spillways & Diffusers

AquascapePRO Waterfall Spillway

The Aquascape Waterfall Spillway is a cost-effective way to create the starting point on any waterfall or stream, providing a smooth consistent water flow. The spillway is a versatile tool that can be used in a wide variety of water feature applications. As the incoming water rushes in, the water is diffused by strategically positioned internal barriers, creating smooth flow of water. Able to handle flow rates up to 7,500 gallons per hour, the wide 22" spillway provides an ideal solution for Pondless disappearing waterfall systems where large and expensive biological filters are not necessary. The Aquascape Waterfall Spillway can also be installed as an additional waterfall or stream onto a new or existing pond. Its durable design allows boulders, gravel, soil or other creative landscape material to be set directly on top, making it easy to camouflage into the surrounding landscape. 


  • Creates a smooth and consistent water flow for waterfalls
  • Low profile and durable design
  • Handles the weight of stone boulders for concealment
  • Max flow rate of 7,500 GPH
  • Includes 2" PVC slip and 1.5" barbed fitting

AquascapePRO Waterfall Spillway

Item Spillway Width Dimensions Max Flow Fittings Included
AquascapePRO Waterfall Spillway (MPN 77000)
$159.99 $143.99 | 360 Points
FREE $20.00 Free Gift Certificate Code
17.5"L x 24"W x 5"H
7,500 GPH
2" PVC slip, 1-1/2" barb hose
EasyPro Eco-Series Waterfall Diffusers

Faster to install and Tougher spillway than any other spillway on the market

  • Ideal for use at beginning of streams and in block walls, pools and formal fountains
  • Low profile design of only 3-1/2"
  • Extra strong vertical rib design creates a nearly indestructible diffuser
  • Dual 2" inlets

EasyPro Eco-Series Waterfall Diffusers

Item Description Size Flow (GPH) Inlet
Easy Pro Eco-Series 16" Waterfall Diffuser (MPN UWD16)
$107.99 $89.63 | 224 Points
FREE $10.00 Free Gift Certificate Code
16" Waterfall Diffuser
16" x 14" x 3-1/2"
1,000 - 4,000
Dual 2" FPT Inlets
EasyPro Eco-Series 23" Waterfall Diffuser (MPN UWD23)
$144.99 $120.34 | 301 Points
FREE $15.00 Free Gift Certificate Code
23" Waterfall Diffuser
23" x 14" x 3-1/2"
1,500 - 6,000
Two 2" FPT spinweld
EasyPro Eco-Series 32" Waterfall Diffuser (MPN UWD32)
$215.99 $179.27 | 448 Points
FREE $15.00 Free Gift Certificate Code
32" Waterfall Diffuser
32" x 14" x 3 1/2"
2000 - 8000 gph
Dual 2" FPT Inlets
EasyPro Eco-Series Dual 46" Waterfall Diffusers (MPN UWD46)
$289.99 $240.69 | 602 Points
FREE $15.00 Free Gift Certificate Code
Dual 46" Waterfall Diffusers
46" x 14" x 3-1/2"
3,000 - 12,000
Dual 2″ inlets
Atlantic FastFalls - Waterfall Diffuser

Incredibly strong one-piece units feature an internal baffling system, support cones and re-enforced spillway. The innovative "inside the liner" design and rear liner attachment simplifies installation. Cover with rock, gravel, soil or mulch to blend with your surrounding landscape.

All models feature:
  • Spillway boxes diffuse incoming water flow to create starting points to streams and waterfalls
  • Designed to make plumbing the top of the waterfall as easy as possible
  • Innovative rear liner attachment simplifies installation and eliminates leakage due to settling
  • Crush-proof design with internal baffles stabilized by support cones carries the weight of stone
  • Reinforced spillway lip retains rock, gravel, mulch or soil
  • Includes installation kit, male thread adapter and one-piece liner flange

Atlantic FastFalls - Waterfall Diffuser

Item Weir Size Max Pump Flow Dimensions Connection
3,000 GPH
16.5"W x 9.5"D x 7.25"H
1.5" FPT
4,000 GPH
20.5"W x 17"D x 10.25"H
6,000 GPH
27.5"W x 17"D x 10.25"H
2" FPT
9,000 GPH
39.5"W x 17"D x 10.25"H
3" FPT
Atlantic FastFalls

Easily add a waterfall or stream to a new or existing water feature. Because of their rugged design and HMWPE construction, Fastfalls also comes with Atlantic's exclusive lifetime warranty.

Each FastFalls includes bulkhead, liner attachment flange, splash reduction foam and top grate.

Atlantic FastFalls

Item Weir Size Pump Rate Dimensions Connection
2,000 GPH
16" x 11" x 8"
1 1/2" FPT
4,000 GPH
27" x 11" x 8"
2" FPT
Atlantic 36" Fastfalls (MPN SP3600)
$207.99 $138.95 | 350 Points
6,000 GPH
38" x 13" x 9"
2" FPT
Atlantic 48" Fastfalls (MPN SP4800)
$356.99 $238.95 | 600 Points
8,000 GPH
50" x 11" x 10"
(2) 2" FPT
Savio Waterfall Weir

Creates 16" Wide Waterfall

Dress up your waterfall return with this easy, eye-pleasing Waterfall Weir.

Enjoy hours of relaxation as your pond recreates the beauty of nature.

  • No glue liner connection - all compression seal securely holds liner in place without adhesives.
  • Easily connect 2" flexible or rigid PVC tubing to the rear inlet (not shown). Adapts to other types and sizes of tubing with fittings sold separately.
  • Bio-mechanical filtration.
  • Super strong injection molded housing.
  • Use multiple units for a wider waterfall.
  • Rated for pump flow rates of 900-3000 gph

Savio Waterfall Weir

Item Inlet
Savio Waterfall Weir 16" (MPN F050)
$130.00 $104.00 | 228 Points
2" slip

Savio Waterfall Weir

Calpump Preformed Spillways

Create a quick and easy waterfall effect with our Calpump Spillways. These Spillways are available in two different sizes, a 10", and 18". All of the Spillways include filter media to condition the water for a smooth waterfall effect. The 10" spillway has a 1" inlet with fitting and the 18" have both 1" and 1 1/2" fittings for easy installation.

    Features & Benefits:
  • No digging Required
  • Create a smooth or turbulent effect
  • Filter media included

Calpump Preformed Spillways

Item Inlet Max Flowrate Spillway Dimensions
1000 GPH
11" x 11.5" x 10.5"
1" and 1 1/2"
4000 GPH
19" x 11" x 10.5"
Savio F060 FilterWeir 31 inch

Creating appealing waterfalls is easy with FilterWeirs. FilterWeirs provide bio-mechanical filtration and the tranquil sounds and visual splendor of a cascading waterfall. Simple installation, solid construction, professional results. Use multiple units to build cascades and larger waterfalls. F060 Includes a sturdy media grate for plants and stones. Savio has unleashed a giant· the massive new FilterWeir 31. This easily installable weir provides the tranquil sounds and visual splendor of a cascading waterfall on a large scale. This is the way for do-it-yourself, and pond pros alike, to create an impressive, dramatic display of falling water, with professional results. Plus, it's easy to retrofit to existing ponds, and pond free systems, with flow rates up to 10,000 gallons per hour. Includes 31 inch face plate spillway, and a sturdy media grate for stones or potted plants.

Savio F060 FilterWeir 31 inch

Item Inlet
Savio FilterWeir 31" (MPN F060)
$230.00 $184.00 | 403 Points
3" Slip
Little Giant Waterfall Weir

The Little Giant Waterfall Weir is designed to provide the look and function of a natural waterfall. As with all Little Giant products, it has a sturdy design which gives you the option to create a natural disguise with rocks or other decorative elements. It is designed to be simple to install and easy to clean, while creating an excellent point of origin for a disappearing waterfall. Multiple units can be run using a single pump to create an impressive waterfall display.

  • Multiple plumbing ports for a more versatile installation
  • Built-in drip edge that directs water flow and helps to prevent back flow
  • Circular, ridged wall design which provides extra strength and helps keep unit anchored in the ground
  • Includes flexible pipe grommets for easier installation

Little Giant Waterfall Weir

Item Max Pump Rate Weir Width Connection Dimensions
6,000 GPH
2" or 3"
12.3"W x 13.4"L x 9.8"H
Pondmaster Waterfall Box
  • Extra-Wide Spillway for Greater Water Aeration
  • Open Swirl Chamber for Even and Efficient Water Flow Through the Filter Media
  • Easily Buried In Ground To Hide Filter from Sight
  • Holds More Friendly Bacteria to Help Filtration
  • Made of High Impact ABS
  • Extra Long Weir Lip for Stacking Stones in Front of Waterfall
  • Pre-Bored Inlet Size of 2-½"
  • Packed Individually

Pondmaster Waterfall Box

Item Container Capacity Max Pump Flow Waterfall Width Dimensions (WxDxH")
1 Gal
950 GPH
8" Opening
9" x 12" x 8"
1.5 Gal
2000 GPH
11-¼" Opening
12" x 15" x 9"
1 Gal
950 GPH
8" Opening
9" x 12" x 8"
Out of Stock
4 Gal
3000 GPH
16" Opening
16" x 18" x 13"
4 Gal
3,000 GPH
16" Opening
16" x 18" x 13"
Pondmaster BioMatrix Filters & Falls
  • Wide Spillway for Greater Water Aeration
  • Easily Buried to Hide Filter from Sight
  • Designed to Accommodate Addition of Mechanical or Biological Filtering for Super-Clean Water

Pondmaster BioMatrix Filters & Falls

Item Container Capacity Max Pump Flow Waterfall Width Dimensions (WxDxH")
1 Gal
950 GPH
8" Opening
9" x 12" x 8"
1.5 Gal
2,000 GPH
11-¼" Opening
12" x 15" x 9"
OASE Waterfall Spillway

Waterfalls appeal to the senses they engage, wow and invigorate. They serve as more than visual impact waterfalls supplement the ponds aeration, boosting ecosystem health for plants and fish. The spillway design allows for discreet installation, blending seamlessly into your pondscape when covered with landscaping stone. Installation is straightforward - the waterfall spillway is ideally positioned at the pond's edge. It is lightweight for easy installation. Made of UV resistant high impact plastic.

OASE Waterfall Spillway

Item Inlet Size Spillway Size Dimensions
3/4", 1"
12.5" x 10.4" x 6"
20.7" x 18.5" x 11.3"
Pond Boss Waterfall Spillway

The pond boss® Waterfall Spillway and Filter seamlessly adds a waterfall to your pond. The spillway is easy to install and adds a dramatic effect. It mounts to any liner and is made with durable UV resistant high impact plastic with connections on the back for tubing. The waterfall contains additional filtration with BioBalls and a filter pad that clears the spillway of debris. The spillway is designed to be easily disguised so you can create a natural looking waterfall for your pond or disappearing water feature. For best results pair with the pond boss® Pond Skimmer.

  • Easily mounts to any liner for simple installation
  • Creates a waterfall effect
  • Durable, UV resistant, high impact plastic
  • Filter pad keeps spillway clear of debris
  • Contains BioBalls
  • For best results, pair with Pond Skimmer (model number: FSKIM2000)

Pond Boss Waterfall Spillway

Anjon Manufacturing ProFalls and Skimmer
The Anjon 8" & 16" ProFalls create an elegant waterfall cascade for any pond or water feature. Easily adds a professional and dramatic display to your water feature. Made of durable UV resistant, high impact plastic. 
The Anjon Pond Skimmer skims debris from the waters surface keeping your pond environment healthy for aquatic life. The skimmer includes all necessary parts for simple installation and has a fish-friendly door. Easy to clean and maintain, it seamlessly mounts to any liner and does the hard work of keeping your pond surface clear.

Anjon Manufacturing ProFalls and Skimmer

Item Max Flow Dimensions
1,200 GPH
10"W X 12.5"D X 6"H
2,400 GPH
20"W X 18.5"D X 11"H
5,000 GPH
18"W X 17"D X 21"H

Anjon Manufacturing ProFalls and Skimmer

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