Pond Underlayment Pond Underlayment Protect your liner from rocks, roots and other sharp objects with a fabric underlayment. Can also be used on top of liner to protect from punctures when adding gravel and stone inside the pond.
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Pond Underlayment

Pond Underlay
The Best Protection For Your Pond Liner

Don't Forget Liner Underlay. Underlay is a flexible, soft fabric placed under the pond liner for protection against punctures and friction from rocks.

  • 4.5 oz

*The roll of underlay listed below as will ship via UPS Freight.

Pond Underlay

Item Underlay Size Square Feet
Pond Underlay 5' x 10'
$13.95 | 31 Points
5' x 10'
Pond Underlay 5' x 20'
$22.95 | 51 Points
5' x 20'
Pond Underlay 5' x 25'
$28.95 | 65 Points
5' x 25'
Pond Underlay 5' x 30'
$33.95 | 76 Points
5' x 30'
Pond Underlay 5' x 40'
$43.95 | 98 Points
5' x 40'
Pond Underlay 5' x 50'
$53.95 | 121 Points
5' x 50'
6' x 100'
Pond Underlay 10' x 15'
$40.00 | 100 Points
10' x 15'
12' x 12'
Out of Stock
12' x 100'
Pond Underlay 15' x 15'
$54.75 | 137 Points
15' x 15'
Pond Underlay 15' x 20'
$68.80 | 172 Points
20' x 15'
Pond Underlay 15' x 25'
$85.00 | 213 Points
25' x 15'
Pond Underlay 15' x 30'
$99.00 | 248 Points
30' x 15'
Pond Underlay 15' x 40'
$129.60 | 324 Points
40' x 15'
Pond Underlay 15' x 50'
$159.50 | 399 Points
50' x 15'
15' x 360' Roll*
Aquascape Underlayment

Aquascape Underlayment Roll 5' x 300'

Soft, non-woven geotextile made from polypropylene will last 20+ years under your liner. Has a non-slippery surface and provides protection for the liner from rocks and other sharp objects, spreads easily, and saves time.

Aquascape Underlayment

EasyPro Pond Underlayment
  • Five ounce non-woven geo-textile fabric in three widths - 5', 10' and 15', easy to match up to the EPDM liner sold in 5' widths
  • Provides additional tear and puncture protection from roots, stones or any other sharp objects
  • Provides enhanced soil stability and erosion control
  • Underlayment can be used on top of liner as well to protect from punctures when adding gravel
  • Full rolls are 300' long

EasyPro Pond Underlayment

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