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Pump Accessories

The Little Giant Pump Cut-Off Switch is perfect for mounting inside of your skimmer to protect your pump from running dry in a low water situation.

  • 115 Volt Low Water Shut-off Switch
  • Automatically turns off pump after skimmer door is closed and the water level drops below the skimmer basin
  • Automatically turns off pump if skimmer water level drops due to dirty or clogged filter media
  • Piggy-back plug for easy installation
  • 18 ft. cord length
Little Giant Low Water Shut-Off Switch RS-5

Little Giant Low Water Shut-Off Switch RS-5

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Little Giant Pump cut off switch (MPN RS-5)
$126.00 $85.00 | 426 Points

Atlantic Tidalwave Accessories

Atlantic Tidalwave Accessories

Atlantic Tidalwave Accessories

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Out of Stock

FlowVis is a revolutionary, patented solution for accurate and reliable flow and velocity rate measurement in fresh water applications such as swimming pools, spas, fountains, water features, irrigation systems, ground water applications, well water and solar systems. 

As flow increases, the flapper moves forward toward its fully open position. The flapper’s angular position is directly related to the flow rate through the valve body/tee/pipe. A calibrated scale on the valve’s lid provides a highly accurate reading of the flow rate and velocity

  • Ease of installation with zero to minimal straight pipe
  • Installation flexibility that allows orientation in any position, e.g., horizontal, vertical or even upside-down
  • Long life without sticking floats or paddle wheels
  • For use with external motor driven pumps only
Tsurumi FlowVis Flow Meter w/ Check Valve

Tsurumi FlowVis Flow Meter w/ Check Valve

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Tsurumi Low Level Shutoff Pump Switch - 13 Amp

  • 20' power cord
  • Amperage: 13 Amps
  • Includes stainless steel pipe clamp

Tsurumi Low Level Shutoff Pump Switch

Tsurumi Low Level Shutoff Pump Switch

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The Aquascape Smart Control Plug allows you to control and monitor outdoor electronics from your anywhere using your Smart phone or Tablet. Setup is quick and easy, allowing you to control and monitor pumps, lights, fountains, and more. The rain-tight and rugged design is rated for outdoor use. Use dynamic scheduling to have products turn on automatically when you need them and get real-time energy consumption data for any electronic device to make informed decisions and save money. The astronomical timer allows the outlets to automatically turn on and off based on your location. The device also works with Alexa for easy voice control. Adequate wireless coverage is required (2.4 GHz supported). 

  • Control and monitor pumps electronics such as lights, fountain pumps, and more
  • Rated for outdoor use
  • Use dynamic scheduling and get real-time energy consumption data
  • Three outlets so you can control 3 products simultaneously. 
  • Adequate wireless coverage required (2.4GHz Supported)
  • Operating outside of the 1500 watt (1000 watt per plug) operating range voids the product warranty
Aquascape Smart Control Plug

Aquascape Smart Control Plug

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Aquascape Smart Control Plug (MPN 82001)
$66.98 $53.58 | 268 Points
The Aquascape Dual Union Check Valve 2.0 provides a professional pump and plumbing connection inside skimmer filter systems, as well as pondless water vaults. 
  • Innovative reversible fittings allow for universal application 
  • Prevents water backflow when pump is not operating 
  • Dual-union, tool-free design 
  • Heavy-duty swing style check valve flapper 
  • Height extendable for larger filters and pumps 
  • (2) Reversible 2" MPT x 2" Slip
  • (1) Reversible 1.5" FPT x 2" Slip
AquascapePro Dual Union Check Valve 2.0

AquascapePro Dual Union Check Valve 2.0

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Aquascape 3" Dual Union Check Valve is perfect for larger installations that use large pumps and filters. Heavy-duty, dual union design ensures years of trouble-free use.

Aquascape 3" Dual Union Check Valve

Aquascape 3" Dual Union Check Valve

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The Triton Check Valve is a "swing style" check valve, featuring a 2" socket union on the inlet, 2" or 1½" socket unions for the outlet, a molded in 90 elbow, and a slim design that allows clearance when installed with direct drive pumps. This check valve can work on any 1½" or 2" pump outlet.

Triton Features:
  • Triton discharge pipe has molded "perfect-cut" dimensions to identify proper lengths for Atlantic products and cut-to-fit 1'' increments on the reverse side.
  • Works with all 1½'' and 2'' pump outlets
  • Maximum assembled height of 17'' (from the pump discharge to the center of the outlet pipe)
  • Can be extended to any length using 2'' sch 40 fittings.
  • Includes: 2'' check valve with unions, 1½'' outlet fitting, 1" thru 1½" tubing adapter, discharge pipe and extension.
Atlantic Water Gardens Triton Check Valve

Atlantic Water Gardens Triton Check Valve

  Icons SKU Valve Dimensions Pipe Dimensions Pipe Inlet Pipe Outlet Inlet Outlet Add
5⅝"L x 3½"W x 10"H
11⅞"L x 2⅝"W
1½" or 2" MPT
2" Sch 40 pipe
2" socket
1½" or 2" Sch 40 socket

These check valve assemblies are used inside Pro-Series skimmers to bring the flow of water from the pump up to the outlet hole in the back wall of the skimmer. In an ideal world all pumps would have their outlet at the same height but that is not the case so various height assemblies are needed. Each assembly includes a check valve which keeps the plumbing line full of water even when the pump is off. Please see chart below for the correct pump/skimmer check valve. 

CVA20TH is for TH series pumps in PSA5000, PSA7000, PS1V or PS1FB skimmers and JAFM, JAFL or PV60E vaults

EasyPro 2" Check Valve Assembly

EasyPro 2" Check Valve Assembly

  SKU Pump Connection Pipe Connection Add
2" MPT
2" Rubber Coupling

EasyPro Pump Pro-Tector

  • Protect against plugging by creating a large surface area around the pump.
  • Designed to fit all brands of small pumps.
  • Has a polyester filter media pad inside of a nylon mesh bag.
  • Drawstring top with push button release keep the top closed around the pump yet makes for easy pump removal.
EasyPro Pump Pro-Tector

EasyPro Pump Pro-Tector

  SKU Inside Diameter Outside Diameter Height Filter Pad Thickness Max Flow Add
Easy Pro 8" Pump Pro-Tector (MPN PP8)
$29.99 $26.99 | 134 Points
1,250 GPH
Easy Pro 12" Pump Pro-Tector (MPN PP12)
$39.99 $35.99 | 180 Points
2,550 GPH

Pump Defenders are designed to protect your submersible water pumps from clogging with debris.

The pump sits inside a basket of green density Matala and then wrapped in a nylon bag with drawstring.

Heavy debris is filtered out before it reaches the intake of the pump, thereby reducing maintenance and extending the life of the pump.

  • Protects against plugging.
  • Creats large surface area.
  • Designed to fit most brands.
  • Draw string keeps top closed.
  • Blue or Green Matala media.
Matala Pump Defender

Matala Pump Defender

  SKU Inside Dia. Outside Dia. Height Max. Pump Size Add
2,300 GPH
6,200 GPH
18,000 GPH
18,000 GPH

Prevents pump damage and flow reduction due to debris and clogs. Expandable units available in single or double Matala filter media core for superior biological filtration. Universal barbed fittings accept 1", 1-1/4”, 1-1/2" tubing or 1-1/2" MPT. The EZ Bio Filter can be used as a biomechanical pre-filter for circulation pumps, filtration pumps, and water fountain pumps.

  • Improved pump efficiency: prevents premature clogging.
  • Highly efficient filtration: progressive 2 stage filtration.
  • Ez install: 1.5" connector plus flexible tube adapter.
  • Ez clean: minimal maintenance, ez cleaning.
  • Ez integration: can be extended with multiple sections.
  • Tubing Adapter: Accepts 1", 1 1/4' & 1 1/2" ID tubing
Matala EZ Bio - Mechanical Pre-Filters

Matala EZ Bio - Mechanical Pre-Filters

  SKU Dimensions Max GPH Prefilter Max GPH Biofilter Add
4" x 7.5"
8" x 7.5"
Matala EZBio 11 Pre-Filter (MPN EzBio 11)
$30.00 $24.00 | 120 Points
4.3" x 7.9"
4.3" x 12.2"
Matala EZ Bio 20 Pre-Filter (MPN EzBio 20)
$52.50 $42.00 | 210 Points
7.9" x 7.9"

Aquascape Pump Cleaner Maintenance Solution quickly cleans and lubricates pond, fountain, and waterfall pumps to keep them operating properly. The biodegradable solution uses cutting-edge green cleaning compounds to remove scale, bio-film, and more without the use of harmful acids.

  • Quickly cleans water pumps
  • Lubricates water pumps
  • Removes scale, bio-film, and more
  • Ideal for pond, fountain, and waterfall pumps
  • No harmful acids
Aquascape Pump Cleaner Maintenance Solution

Aquascape Pump Cleaner Maintenance Solution

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Pondmaster PumpGuard is an easy maintenance solution to keep water pumps running like new. It quickly cleans calcified, dirty pumps within minutes. Danner recommends consumers to use Pumpguard every six months to insure proper operation of their pumps. PumpGuard is safe for use with plastic, ceramic, rubber, PVC, titanium, copper, nickel, and short term use with stainless steel.
  • Instantly loosens mineral scale, lime, rust, and other detritus from pond pumps
  • Keeps your water pump operating properly and efficiently
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Biodegradable
Pondmaster PumpGuard Water Pumps Maintenance Solution

Pondmaster PumpGuard Water Pumps Maintenance Solution

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Use these handy intake screens with any submersible pump when pumping water from a lake, pond, river or tank. These sturdy built screens will protect pump from sticks, weeds, fish and other large debris.

  • Available in two sizes - 12″D x 14″H or 20"D x 18″H
  • Heavy duty 1/2″ x 1″ epoxy coated, galvanized mesh screen
  • Drawstring top allows for easy pump removal/inspection, and will draw up tight to any 1-1/2″ - 4″ diameter pipe
  • Screens can be used vertically or horizontally
EasyPro Submersible Pump Screens

EasyPro Submersible Pump Screens

  SKU Dimensions Add
12″D x 14″H
20"D x 18″H

For high volume pumping applications these heavy duty pump intake screens are the answer! For most high volume pumps these filters are a much better choice as they will allow fine particles through so screens will not plug up as often yet will still keep out large objects such as sticks, fish and weeds.

  • Made from epoxy coated heavy gauge galvanized wire, will not rust or corrode
  • Mesh size is 1/2″ x 1″
  • Includes PVC swing check valve to keep pumps primed
EasyPro Centrifugal Pump Intake Filter

EasyPro Centrifugal Pump Intake Filter

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