Pump Vaults

Vaults provide secure, accessible protection for submersible pumps in Pondless Waterfall reservoirs and underground water storage systems.

Pump Vaults
atlantic Water Gardens Pump Vault free Gift Certificate

Atlantic's heavy duty one piece design can accommodate a large pump. Vault features large openings for pump access, cut lines for pump discharge and pipe extensions, and flat panels for custom plumbing applications.

  • Rock Lid for Pump Vault
  • Atlantic Water Gardens Pump Vaults

    Atlantic Water Gardens Pump Vaults

      SKU Max Flow Dimensions Add
    Atlantic PV1700 Pump Vault
    $267.99 $235.99 | 590 Points
    3,900 GPH
    17"W x 12"D x 22-1/2"H
    Atlantic PV2300 Pump Vault
    $548.99 $482.99 | 1,087 Points
    15,000 GPH
    23"W x 30"H
    Atlantic PV7500 Pump Vault
    $317.99 $279.99 | 700 Points
    7,500 GPH
    27"L x 16"W x 20-3/4"H
    Atlantic PV15000 Pump Vault
    $476.99 $419.99 | 1,050 Points
    15,000 GPH
    27"L x 16"W x 27"H

    Atlantic Water Gardens Pump Vaults

      SKU Add
    Atlantic Pump Vault Extension for PV1800
    $214.99 $188.99 | 425 Points

    EasyPro Eco-Series Miniature Pump Vaults are:

    • Roto-molded for excellent strength
    • Can be used with JAFME extension
    • Ideal for mag drive pumps
    • Can be used in small Just-A-Falls or custom built fountain basins
    EasyPro Eco-Series Mini Pump Vault

    EasyPro Eco-Series Mini Pump Vault

      Icons SKU Description Size (DxH) Max Flow Weight Add
    EasyPro Eco-Series Mini Pump Vault
    $104.59 $94.13 | 235 Points
    FREE $10.00 Gift Certificate Code
    Mini Pump Vault
    13" diameter x 14-1/2"
    3000 GPH
    7 lbs.

    EasyPro Pro-Series Pump Vaults are:

    • Built heavy duty to withstand the pressure of being buried under rock
    • The slots cut in the sides allow water into the pump
    • Intake tubes available for JAFM and JAFV to increase flow capacity
    EasyPro Pro-Series Pump Vaults

    EasyPro Pro-Series Pump Vaults

      Icons SKU Description Size (L x W x H) Max Flow Weight Add
    EasyPro Pro-Series Small Pump Vault
    $229.99 $206.99 | 517 Points
    FREE $15.00 Gift Certificate Code
    Small Pump Vault
    16" x 16" x 22"
    7500 GPH
    17 lbs.
    EasyPro Pro-Series Large Pump Vault
    $399.99 $359.99 | 900 Points
    Large Pump Vault
    24" x 24" x 32"
    18000 GPH
    54 lbs.

    Create Beautiful Disappearing Waterfalls and Streams Without the Need for a Pond

    Enjoy the sounds of a lively water feature with less maintenance. Waterfall Wells simplify construction of dramatic vanishing waterfalls and endless streams. Patent pending design protects your pump from the crushing forces of rock and water with a structurally tough injection-molded housing. Durable snap-fit enclosure is easy to assemble and contains no moving parts. Multiple uses for irrigation, drainage and lift-pump applications. Handles flow up to 15,000 GPH.

    Savio Pond Free Waterfall Well

    Savio Pond Free Waterfall Well

      Icons SKU Dimensions Add
    Savio Waterfall Well Extension
    $99.75 $69.83 | 175 Points
    14"D x 18.75"H
    Savio Waterfall Well
    $204.25 $142.98 | 357 Points
    14"D opening x 24"H

    Pondmaster ProLine pump vaults are rugged housings designed for use in self-contained waterfalls and streams. They will accommodate submersible pumps up to 10,000 GPH and are specially designed to withstand clogs and heavy stones. Create your own dramatic natural looking water highlight that offers all the beauty and pleasing sounds of a waterfall in a fraction of the space. A self-contained waterfall or stream is easy to install and even easier to maintain. 

    • Built of rugged, weather resistant polyethylene plastic
    • Can be safely buried below grade
    • Reinforced lid withstands the weight of gravel and stones
    • Works great for waterfalls and streams
    • Port for mounting auto-fill valve
    Pondmaster Pump Vault for Pondless Waterfalls

    Pondmaster Pump Vault for Pondless Waterfalls

      Icons SKU Max. Pump Dimensions Add
    4,000 GPH
    15"L x 15"W x 15"H
    10,000 GPH
    23"L x 23"W x 25"H

    The Anjon Big Frog TuffTank is a crush resistant cylinder that withstands extreme compression and inward lateral pressure. Use in pondless waterfall applications to protect your pump. Its collapse-proof lid design keeps rocks out of the pump tank - easily removable for accessing the pump. An 18" extension is available for the TuffTank 22 model. The Tuff Tank and Tuff Tank Extension bolt together for sturdy assembly. 

    Anjon Big Frog TuffTank Pump Vaults

    Anjon Big Frog TuffTank Pump Vaults

      SKU Max Flow Dimensions (LxWxH) Add
    12,500 GPH
    18"W X 18"D X 21"H
    5,000 GPH
    18"W X 17"D X 21"H
    12,500 GPH
    18"W X 21"D X 23.5"H

    A Field-Tested, Field-Proven System for Filtering Large Bodies of Water

    Our patented Snorkel Vault and Centipede Module were specifically designed to tackle any number of the common issues that plague large scale water features. They are modular in design, allowing builders and designers the flexibility to expand the system to meet their needs.

    • Highly effective at removing sediment (suspended solids) from the pond
    • Easily access collected sediment with the Snorkel Vault, reducing the need for costly and invasive dredging
    • Improves water clarity
    • Works on earth bottom and liner membrane ponds
    • Strips excess nutrients from the water column, reducing algae and the physical and chemical maintenance that goes along with removing algae
    • Easily retrofitted onto existing ponds
    • Create a waterfall and stream by designing the wetland filter system off the perimeter of the pond
    AquascapePRO Snorkel Vault & Cap

    AquascapePRO Snorkel Vault & Cap

      Icons SKU Dimensions Add
    AquascapePRO Large Centipede Module
    $439.99 $395.99 | 990 Points
    67"L x 13"W x 10.5"H
    32"L x 12"W x 10.5"H
    AquascapePRO Snorkel Vault & Cap
    $669.99 $602.99 | 1,507 Points
    14"L x 14"W x 47"H
    AquascapePRO Large Snorkel Vault Extension
    $279.99 $251.99 | 630 Points
    27.5"H x 14"W

    The Aquascape Pondless Waterfall Vault is ideal for use in Pondless Waterfalls, rainwater harvesting systems, and more. The vault is designed to integrate with Aquascape AquaBlox, effectively protecting pumps while making installation quick, precise, and simple. Its durable, rotationally-molded, rounded polyethylene shape maximizes structural strength, while its large interior fits a wide range of pump sizes up to 12,500 gallons per hour. The vault’s extra-wide opening makes it easy to access the interior of the vault for pump maintenance. Includes a durable lid with a built-in water level inspection port, allowing the vault easily camouflaged and out of sight. An optional Pondless Waterfall Vault Extension can be used when creating deeper basins using the AquaBlox Large Water Storage Modules, making it perfectly sized to meet the need of a wide variety of projects.

    • Ideal for use in Pondless Waterfalls and rainwater harvesting projects
    • Effectively protects water feature pumps
    • Simple installation
    • Durable lid with included inspection port

    AquascapePRO Pondless Vault

    AquascapePRO Pondless Vault

      Icons SKU Dimension Lid Size Capacity Weight Add
    AquascapePRO Pondless Vault
    $419.99 $377.99 | 945 Points
    23" x 18" x 25.5"
    16" x 16"
    up to 10,000 GPH
    16 lbs

    AquascapePRO Pondless Vault

      Icons SKU Add
    AquascapePRO Pondless Vault Extension
    $119.99 $107.99 | 270 Points

    The Elite Pump Canyon protects your pump with an octagonal design that eliminates distortion and withstands the pressure of being buried under rock. Slots cut in the sides allow water to freely enter the chamber. An autofill spinweld allows you to add an autofill kit (PB1342 sold seperately) to keep maintenance to a minimum. Perfect for pond-less applications.

    • One piece molded construction
    • UniSeal accepts 1.5” Flex Hose
    Blue Thumb Elite Pump Canyon

    Blue Thumb Elite Pump Canyon

      Icons SKU Max. Pump Flow Dimensions Add
    Blue Thumb Mini Elite Pump Canyon
    $177.77 $159.99 | 400 Points
    2500 GPH
    12.25” x 14” x 16"
    Blue Thumb Small Elite Pump Canyon
    $319.99 $287.99 | 720 Points
    7500 GPH
    15.5” x 18” x 22.5”
    Blue Thumb Large Elite Pump Canyon
    $489.99 $440.99 | 1,102 Points
    20,000 GPH
    24” x 27.75” x 31.5”

    Blue Thumb Elite Pump Canyon

      Icons SKU Add
    Blue Thumb Extension for Small Canyon
    $211.10 $189.99 | 475 Points
    Blue Thumb Extension for Large Canyon
    $333.33 $299.99 | 750 Points
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    This item is oversized and has a $100 shipping surcharge.
    This item is oversized and has a $100 shipping surcharge.
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