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Savio Skimmers

Savio Skimmers are suitable for ponds of all shapes and sizes. Available in Compact and Full-Size models, both offer a rugged leaf basket with mechanical filtration and optional UV clarifier.

Savio Skimmers

A great thing just got smaller. Designed on Savio's best-selling Skimmerfilter platform, the Compact Skimmerfilter provides dynamic multi-stage filtration in a smaller package.

  • Sturdy non-skid cover guarantees unsurpassed strength.
  • Rugged leaf basket stays secure and won't collapse.
  • Two filter cartridges provide more surface area for beneficial bacteria.
  • Built-in UV option for unparalleled water clarity.
  • Super-strong injection molded housing won't warp.
  • Mechanical liner seal, no glue required

Savio Compact Skimmerfilters can be used as the total filtration solution for ponds up to 700 gallons. This all in one approach reduces plumbing and eliminates the need for extra equipment. Maintenance and installation are simplified.

Savio Compact Skimmerfilter

Savio Compact Skimmerfilter

  Icons SKU Pump Range Max Pond Surface Dimensions (LxWxH) Add
1,800-3,000 gph
300 sq. ft
18" x 23" x 20"

Removes up to 85% of debris before it settles to the bottom. Macro filtration traps large debris for easy removal. Optional UV clarifier eliminates green water. Biological and mechanical filtration polishes the water.

  • Sturdy non-skid cover
  • Bio-filter frame with filter mat.
  • Super-strong injection molded structural polymer housing resists warping and handles large pumps.
  • Optional mid-water intake.
  • Rugged injection-molded leaf basket.
  • External pump outlet.
  • Integrated water stop flange.
  • One-click locking weir allows for complete isolation for cleaning and winterization.
  • New UVinex Clarifiers now available.
Savio Skimmerfilter

Savio Skimmerfilter

  Icons SKU Pump Range Max Pond Surface Dimensions (LxWxH) Add
Savio Skimmerfilter without weir
$629.00 $440.30 | 1,101 Points
500-2,000 gph
300 ft^2
27" x 25" x 24"
Savio Skimmerfilter with 8 1/2" weir
$696.00 $487.20 | 1,218 Points
1,800-5,000 gph
27" x 25" x 24"
Savio Skimmerfilter with 16" weir
$696.00 $487.20 | 1,218 Points
5,000-8,500 gph
27" x 25" x 24"
Savio Skimmerfilter Replacement Parts
  • Provides excellent skimming
  • Huge pump chamber
  • Rugged leaf basket
  • Injection molded housing
  • Please note that the outlet holes are not cut, this will require the use of a hole saw or jigsaw
  • Perfect for ponds & water gardens with separate biological filtration
  • NO internal filter pads
Savio HighFlow Compact Skimmer & Standard Skimmerfilter

Savio HighFlow Compact Skimmer & Standard Skimmerfilter

  Icons SKU Max Flowrate Add
Savio HighFlow Standard Skimmer w/ 16" faceplate
$590.00 $413.00 | 1,033 Points
10,000 GPH
5,000 GPH
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