Skimmer Nets Skimmer Nets Ideal for quick and easy removal of light surface debris. These nets have a soft fine mesh.
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Skimmer Nets

Aquascape Pond and Debris Skimmer Net

AquascapePRO® pond nets are designed and built for professional pond maintenance crews. Heavy-duty 3-foot handle collapses for storage, allowing the net to be safely transported from one pond to the next.

Professional Grade Pond Skimmer Net's fine mesh is ideal for removing small floating and suspended debris from the pond water

  • Soft coarse mesh will not damage fish fins and scales.
  • Lightweight and durable frame and handle.
  • Protective strips prevents net damage.

Aquascape Pond and Debris Skimmer Net

Aquascape Skimmer Net Collapsible White Fine 17.5"

The 17" wide fine, tangle free skimmer net catches even the smallest debris, making it ideal for quick and easy removal of leaves and other debris. The quick-latch, telescoping handle extends to 35" and completely folds down for compact storage.

    Aquascape Skimmer Net Collapsible White Fine 17.5"

    Aquascape Pond Net & Skimmer Net w/ Extended Handles

    Aquascape Heavy Duty Nets with Extendable Handles are a durable pond net designed for general maintenance and handling pond fish. The soft, coarse mesh prevents damage to fish fins and scales. The durable, heavy duty construction net allows for removal of large amounts of debris, significantly cutting down on maintenance. A protective bottom strip prevents net damage during use to maximize the lifespan of the net. The extendable handle makes it easy to skim those hard-to-reach areas in your pond by extending from 36-inches to 69-inches. A rubber grip and lightweight frame maximize maneuverability and the nylon loop on the handle makes it easy to hang for storage.

    • Net Dimensions: 15.5" x 16"
    • Handle Length: 36" - 69"

    Aquascape Pond Net & Skimmer Net w/ Extended Handles

    Item Net Head Net Handle
    15.5" x 16"
    36" long, extends to 69"
    15.5" x 16"
    36" long, extends to 63"
    Aquascape Skimmer Net

    Great for tight spaces or ideal for children to lend a helping hand.

    Pond nets are used for catching fish and general maintenance. Our multi-purpose pond nets are ideal for removing fish or debris from the pond. The super soft netting will not damage the fish or and is easy to keep clean.

    • Soft fine mesh is great for skimming or removing leaves or fine debris.
    • Ideal for tight spaces.
    • Great for Jr. pond explores.

    Aquascape Skimmer Net

    Laguna Collapsible Pond &  Skimmer Net

    These nets have a unique triangular head, allows easy access to round corners and is collapsible for easy storage. Head size is approx. 18" x 16", the handle is telescoping to 32".

    Skimmer Net: Has tiny holes which is used to catch smaller debris.

    Pond Net: Has larger holes which is used to catch bigger debris and catching fish.

    Laguna Collapsible Pond & Skimmer Net

    Item Dimensions (Net Head)
    18" x 16" x 8" deep
    18" x 16" x 8" deep
    Laguna Collapsible Pro Pond Net & Pro Skimmer

    The Laguna Pro Pond Skimmer and Pro Pond Net are a heavy-duty net featuring a rigid, extendable shaft and soft, fish-friendly netting. The net frame has a tear-resistant plastic guard that prevents the net from tearing due to constant contact friction. Both nets also features a non-slip handle and hanging string for convenient storage.

  • Net size: 40 x 47 cm (15.5¯ x 18.5¯)
  • Handle size: 75 to 140 cm (29.5¯ to 55¯)
  • Laguna Collapsible Pro Pond Net & Pro Skimmer

    Laguna PRO Pond Net (MPN PT827)
    $43.99 $23.95 | 60 Points
    Laguna Pond Fish Net with Telescopic Handle

    Laguna Pond Nets have a wide variety of features that make maintenance in and around ponds very convenient. This net has an extendable aluminum shaft that can be adjusted to provide precisely the right length. The shaft extends from 33" to 61". A slip-resistant handle helps ensure a good grip when your hands get wet. The net frame has a plastic guard that protects the net from tearing due to friction. The frame has rounded corners for access to hard-to-reach places. The soft netting is fish friendly. The pond net comes complete with a hanging string for easy storage.

    Laguna Pond Fish Net with Telescopic Handle

    Item Net Size Handle Length
    14" x 13"
    33" - 61"
    11.5" x 11.5"
    33" - 61"
    Pondmaster Skimmer Pond Net

    Pondmaster Pond Nets fit all your water gardening needs. They're available in convenient, small stationary sizes or in larger telescoping sizes that reach up to 6-1/2". They are very versatile and can be used for general purposes, surface skimming and fish handling.

    • Aluminum construction
    • Soft nylon netting
    • Sure-grip handle
    • Telescoping handles extend up to 6-1/2"
    • Convenient string loop handle end
    • Padded rims protect fish and nets from damage

    Pondmaster Skimmer Pond Net

    Laguna Mini Pond Net & Mini Skimmer Net

    Laguna Mini Pond Net and Pond Skimmer are ideal for those delicate fish-handling tasks or small water gardens.

    Handle extends from 14" to 24"

    Laguna Mini Pond Net & Mini Skimmer Net

    Laguna Mini Pond Net
    • Safe, soft, fish-friendly netting
    • Optimum mesh size allows for quick movement in the water
    • Ideal for skimming and removing leaves and debris
    • Plastic coasted handle prevents corrosion and provides a safe comfortable grip
    • 8" x 6" (20x15 cm) with a 10" (25 cm) handle

    Laguna Mini Pond Net

    Aquascape Pond Shark Net

    Scoop heavy leaves and muck with the Aquascape Pond Shark Net. A patented rake/scraper head incorporated into the head of the net makes grabbing and scooping leaves a breeze. Featuring a heavy duty handle that extends up to 60" on the standard model and up to 90" on the PRO model!

    Aquascape Pond Shark Net

    Item Length
    Aquascape Pond Shark (MPN 74004)
    $34.98 $27.98 | 70 Points
    Extends up to 60"
    Extends up to 90"
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