Water Matrix Blocks

Water matrix blocks are an efficient way to maximize water storage capacity in Pondless Waterfall reservoirs. Underground and out of sight, their enormous load bearing weight allows for landscaping right over the reservoir. Also, an efficient method of rainwater harvesting and storm-water management.

Water Matrix Blocks

Aquascape's AquaBlox Water Matrix are designed to replace up to 90% of the gravel traditionally used in the reservoir of Pondless Waterfalls applications.

The AquaBlox Water Matrix can also be used to replace the lower layer of 4-6 inch boulders in the bottom of Snorkel Vault and Centipede Module Wetland filter applications.

  • Over 3 times more water storage capacity than gravel " The Water Matrix can hold 7.4 gallons of water per cubic foot. Gravel can hold approximately 2.2 gallons of water per cubic foot.
  • Extra water storage capacity results in less routine maintenance topping reservoir to compensate for evaporation.
  • Easier to clean and less prone to clogging than traditional gravel basins.
  • Smaller Reservoirs! The ability to hold more water per cubic foot allows for smaller reservoirs.
  • Less labor excavating the basin, as well as less labor moving the many tons of gravel for basin.
  • The use of less liner and geotextile underlayment.
Aquascape AquaBlox Water Matrix

Aquascape AquaBlox Water Matrix

  Icons SKU Volume Load Bearing Weight Add
17 gallons
5,472 lbs/sq. ft
32 gallons
5,472 lbs/sq. ft

Aquascape AquaBlox Water Matrix

  Icons SKU Add

Atlantic's EcoBlox is a water matrix designed for water storage in pond free applications - excellent for use with disappearing waterfalls and bog filters. They lock together quickly and securely, easily supporting landscaping, pavers, gravel or sod for great design versatility. Arrange modular blocks in any configuration and any number of levels to accommodate almost any basin. 

  • Available in large and small blocks
  • 8 panel construction
  • Slide lock connection system
  • Atlantic Water Gardens EcoBlox Water Matrix

    Atlantic Water Gardens EcoBlox Water Matrix

      Icons SKU Capacity Dimensions Add
    Atlantic Eco-Blox Small Water Matrix
    $59.99 $52.99 | 132 Points
    15.5 gallons
    27"W x 16"D x 9"H
    Atlantic Eco-Blox Water Matrix
    $79.99 $69.99 | 175 Points
    31.5 gallons
    16" W x 27"L x17.5"H
    Atlantic Eco-Blox Pallet (60 - unboxed)
    $4,168.99 $3,668.99 | 4,500 Points
    31.5 gallons/each
    16" W x 27"L x17.5"H/each
    This item is oversized and has a $50 shipping surcharge.
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