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Aquatic Plants

Plants help bring the finishing touches to your pond or water feature, while also helping create and maintain a healthy balanced ecosystem. Consider exotic lotus flowers accented with hardy and tropical lilies. Landscape the edges and accent waterfalls with shallow water marginal plants. Floating plants such as hyacinths and lettuce will help shade the pond and reduce algae. Try to mix textures, leaf sizes and foliage colors and shapes for a variety of aesthetics, while making sure to include the all-important oxygenators. For more information on our plant shipping procedures, plant categories and 14 day guarantee click here.

Aquatic Plants
Hardy Water Lilies (Bare Root Plants)

Enhance the beauty of your pond or water garden with these colorful variety hardy water lilies. Pads float gracefully on the surface providing shade, cover protection for fish, and landing zones for frogs and dragonflies.

Lotus (Bare Root)

Lotus bare root tubers are hardy, perennial pond plants that reward you with exotic flowers year after year. They need at least 60 degree water temperatures to plant.

Floating Aquatic Plants

Floating plants require no planting, pots or soil - simply toss in the pond and enjoy. They provide excellent shade, cover protection for fish, and soak up excess nutrients (which in turn helps prevent algae overgrowth).

Shallow Water Plants (Bare Root)

Shallow water plants, or marginal plants, grow best in shallow water and are often found around the perimeter of the pond. Their roots grow underwater but foliage and flowers rise above. They can also be used in patio ponds, container water gardens and bogs.

Lily-Like Aquatics (Bare Root)

Lily-like aquatic plants grow just like typical water lilies. Planted in soil and placed just below the waters' surface, the leaves and flowers float on top of the water, like a water lily.

Submerged Oxygenating Plants (Bare Root)

Submerged Oxygenating Plants help filter the pond water, keep algae growth under control, provide shelter for fish and helps increase oxygen levels. They grow fully immersed in water and get all their nutrients direct from the water through their leaves, not their roots like other plants.

Bog Plants (Bare Root)

Bog plants for ponds prefer moist to slightly soggy soil. This transitional zone can support a wide variety of plants in natural environments. Bog plants add height and dimension to the pond giving it a more natural look. Available in a wide range of colors, sizes and shapes.

Coming Soon - Tropical Water Lilies (Bare Root)

Tropical waterlilies are a beautiful centerpiece in any pond or water garden. Offering fragrant flowers with spectacular blooms of radiant colors.

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