AquaMeds Sludge Remover 4 lbs AquaMeds Sludge Remover 4 lbs Aqua Meds AquaMeds Sludge Remover 4 lbs (case of two 2 lb containers) Algae 78052 78052 96.94 Webb's Water Gardens
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AquaMeds Sludge Remover 4 lbs

78052 - AquaMeds Sludge Remover 4 lbs

Aqua MedsŪ Sludge & Muck Remover

Especially formulated for rock and gravel bottom ponds!

Professional Strength, Concentrated Beneficial Bacteria

  • Removes toxic fish waste, left over food and deadly gases that build up under the rocks and in the gravel of your koi pond. A big cause of pond water and fish health problems
  • Also works very well in ponds without gravel bottoms
  • Removes algae causing phosphorus
  • Reduces pond water odors and yellowing, improves water quality and clarity
  • Safe for pets, filters, plants and wildlife
Aqua Meds Sludge Remover Application Rate
For the 1st application of the season, mix 2 oz. of sludge remover per 1,000 gallons in a bucket with several gallons of pond water.
Disperse mixture into areas of the pond with adequate circulation.
Reapply 1 oz. per 1,000 gallons every two weeks.
Turn off U.V. sterilizer for 48 hours after application.
Maintain sufficient aeration during treatment.
Discontinue use when water temperature drops below 50°F
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Aqua Meds Sludge Remover Overview

Aqua Meds Sludge Remover

Item Size Treats
1 lb
16,000 gallons
2 lbs
32,000 gallons
AquaMeds Sludge Remover 4 lbs
78052 - AquaMeds Sludge Remover 4 lbs
$96.94 | 242 Points
4 lbs
64,000 gallons

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