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Alita AL-40 Air Pump with Diffuser Kit

These kits include everything you need to enhance the quality of pond water during the cold winter months, as well as the hot summer season. In winter, it creates an opening at the pond surface and prevents pond surfaces from completely freezing. This allows the release of toxic gases and the replenishment of fresh oxygen that is critical for the survival of fish. In the summer, it provides supplemental aeration, which improves the quality of pond water and its inhabitants. The kit includes an Alita Air Pump (40 or 80 LPM), 25 feet of weighted airline tubing, and a Matala Air Diffuser (single 9" or dual 9").

The Matala Air Diffusers are the most innovative air diffusers ever, featuring the lowest back pressure in the market, adding less than 6 inches of water depth back pressure in addition with a hollow base that can be filled with sand or gravel to keep the diffuser in place. The Matala Air Diffusers can also be upgraded with 12" Diffuser Discs to nearly double the aeration of your pond, without the need to change any other equipment in the system.

Package Deal:
$415.78 $287.78 (Save 31%)
Pond Points:
600 Worth $6.00
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In Stock
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Alita AL-40 Air Pump (MPN AL-40)
Alita AL-40 Air Pump
SKU: 67305
$270.00 $160.00 | 400 Points | In Stock
Matala Diffuser Base with One 9-inch Air Disc (MPN MDB11)
Matala Diffuser Base with One 9-inch Air Disc
SKU: 99998
$93.00 $75.00 | 188 Points | In Stock
Weighted Airline 5/8" x 25' (MPN 510119)
Weighted Airline 5/8" x 25'
SKU: 04043
$50.00 | 6 Points | In Stock
SS Hose Clamp 3/4" - 1 3/4" (MPN H03-0004BU)
SS Hose Clamp 3/4" - 1 3/4"
SKU: 70397
$2.78 | 6 Points | In Stock

Alita/Matala Aeration Kits Overview

Alita/Matala Aeration Kits

  Icons SKU Alita Pump Model Pump Wattage Pond Size (Gallons) Air Flow Rate Matala Diffuser Pond Depth Add
Alita AL-40 Air Pump with Diffuser Kit
Alita AL-40 Air Pump with Diffuser Kit
$415.78 $287.78 | 600 Points
Alita 40 LPM
1,000 - 6,000
40 LPM
Single 9 in
2ft - 5ft
Alita AL-80 Air Pump with Dual Diffuser Kit
$596.78 $441.78 | 985 Points
Alita 80 LPM
4,000 - 12,000
80 LPM
Dual 9 in
2ft - 5ft

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SKU: 99998
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Weighted Airline Tubing 5/8" x 25'
SKU: A04043
$80.00 $50.00 (Save 38%)
125 Points | In Stock
Alita AL-40 Linear Air Pump
SKU: 67305
$270.00 $160.00 (Save 41%)
400 Points | In Stock
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