Aqua Meds Aqua Prazi, 25 Grams

Aqua Prazi, 100% Pure Praziquantel, No Fillers, No added Medications!

Aqua Prazi is one of the safest most effective medications on the market for treating deadly flukes; it does not stress your pond fish or set back your filter. Plus, Aqua Prazi is an excellent treatment for tape worms in goldfish, koi and pond fish. We suggest treating with Aqua Prazi every spring to get your pond fish off to a great season and again in the fall before their long winter's nap. Plus, treat all your new fish, very important!

  • No temperature restrictions
  • Contains no fillers or additional medications
  • Does not stress koi or set back your filter
  • The safest pond treatment for fluke parasites

Aqua Meds Aqua Prazi Application Rates
Start with a 10% pond water change or more. Remove carbon from your pond filter, DO NOT shut off filter. Shut off U.V. light only, for 24 to 48 hours, do not shut off water pump to U.V. Shut off protein skinner.
One gram of Aqua Prazi treats 100 gallons, 10 grams treats 1,000 gallons. Add Aqua Prazi to one quart of pond water and shake vigorously for 3 to 5 minutes. Add this mixture to a 4 to 5 gallon bucket of pond water and mix well.
Two treatments work the best. The first treatment will kill all the live flukes. The second treatment, 3 days later will kill all the young as they hatch from their eggs.
No water changes for seven days from the first treatment.
Distribute the mixture around the edge of the koi pond or directly into the skimmer or filter outlet to achieve maximum distribution in the pond water. Do not use any other koi pond medications or treatments. FDA prohibits the use of this product on fish used for human consumption.
Note: One level tablespoon of Aqua Prazi for fish will treat approximately 500 gallons. Aqua Prazi is an excellent koi medication for treating flukes.
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Aqua Meds Aqua Prazi Overview

Aqua Meds Aqua Prazi

  Icons SKU Size Treats (up to) Add
Aqua Meds Aqua Prazi, 25 Grams
Aqua Meds Aqua Prazi, 25 Grams
$45.00 $36.95 | 92 Points
25 grams
2,500 gallons
Aqua Meds Aqua Prazi, 50 Grams
$85.24 $63.95 | 185 Points
50 grams
5,000 gallons
Aqua Meds Aqua Prazi, 100 Grams
$168.50 $112.95 | 300 Points
100 grams
10,000 gallons

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