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GCTek PoliGlassBead Filter

This filter is designed for those pond keepers that believe that nothing is better than looking into the pond and being able to tell whether a coin is heads or tails at 6' of depth.

What separates this filter from any other polishing filter on the market is that it uses 2 types of media. It has a thick later of of PoliGlassBeads that are real Glass Beads and a layer of our Black AlphaBio2 Media. Water passes down thru the layer of AlphaBio2 media where larger particles are separated and held in place while the finer particles make their way to the thick layer of PoliGlassBeads where the finer particles are removed. Why is this a big deal? You get to go longer before the filter needs backwashing. PoliGlassBeads don't clog and stick together the way the crushed glass does in some filters.

  • 2 HP Media Agitator
  • Xtra Large sight glass included
  • 58 PSI rated tank
  • 2" unionized ports on each opening
  • 8" Clear lid for easy viewing inside filter

The PoliGlassBead XStream polishing filter is NOT intended for use as a stand alone filter

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$2,349.95 $2,239.95 (Save 5%)
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Gallons: 5K
Inlet: 2-Inch
GCTek PoliGlassBead5K Filter (MPN PGB5K)
GCTek PoliGlassBead5K Filter
$2,349.95 $2,239.95 | 4,480 Points | In Stock
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