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GCTek PondKeeper Filter

The PondKeeper filter utilizes a totally unique backwashing jetting system we call the "FLUFF-N-SPIN" system. Not only does the internal design of the filter allow for a "FLUFFING" of the media during backwash, but spins the bed and each individual piece of the PondKeeper media. This causes the media to get rid of any old bio floc that might be clinging to each piece, while holding on to the precious beneficial bacteria with in the filter. There is no other like it. Due to the "FLUFF-N-SPIN" agitation system and the design of the media, these units backwash beautifully using any low amperage koi pond pump. 

  • 2 HP Media Agitator included
  • Complete with 6 position Multiport valve that allows you to backwash, bypass to waste, bypass to recirculate, rinse.
  • Performs both Biological and Mechanical filtering in one easy to care for unit
  • Comes complete with 2" unions for quick, easy installation
  • Easy to read pressure gauge that tells you in an instant when the filter is dirty and needs backwashing

  • PondKeeper 1.25 - Max pond 1,500 gal, 16.5" x 36", Thermoplastic Shell
  • PondKeeper 1.75 - Max pond 2,500 gal, 19.5" x 37", Thermoplastic Shell
  • PondKeeper 2.5 - Max pond 5,000 gal, 21.5" x 39", Thermoplastic Shell
  • PondKeeper 4.0 - Max pond 10,000 gal, 24.5" x 42.5", Thermoplastic Shell

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Cubic Feet: 1.25 cu.ft.
GCTek PondKeeper 1.25 Filter (MPN PK1.25)
GCTek PondKeeper 1.25 Filter
SKU: PK1.25
$1,299.95 $1,239.95 | 2,480 Points | In Stock
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