Hikari PraziPro, 1 Gallon

Ready to Use Liquid Concentrate

  • Treats Diseases caused by flukes, tapeworm, flatworms, turbellarians
  • Extremely Safe
  • Highly Effective
  • Will not negatively impact biological filtration
Pond Solutions PraziPro Application Rates
For treatment of prazi-quantel-susceptible disease conditions
Start treatment with a large water change or start with new water. Any water used should first be conditioned with ULTIMATE or a combination of ClorAm-x & Stress-X to remove ammonia, chlorine and chloramines.
Do not stop filtration, but remove activated carbon, stop protein skimming & turn off U.V.
Add 1 oz. per 120 gallons of pond water.
Distribute the proper amount around the edge of the pond or directly into the filter box to achieve the best overall distribution.
A single treatment lasting 5-7 days is normally sufficient. Retreat as necessary, but no more than once every 3-5 days.
May be used as a preventative, at the standard dosage, when disease is likely.
May cause noticeable temporary foaming
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Hikari PraziPro, 1 Gallon (MPN 73258)
Hikari PraziPro, 1 Gallon
SKU: 73258
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Hikari Pond Solutions PraziPro Overview

Hikari Pond Solutions PraziPro

  Icons SKU Size Treats (up to) Add
Hikari PraziPro, 1 Ounce
$6.29 $4.79 | 4 Points
1 Ounce
120 gallons
Out of Stock
Hikari PraziPro, 4 Ounces
$20.49 $15.49 | 14 Points
4 Ounces
480 gallons
Hikari PraziPro, 16 Ounces
$67.49 $50.79 | 46 Points
16 Ounces
1,920 gallons
Hikari PraziPro, 1 Gallon
Hikari PraziPro, 1 Gallon
$418.99 $314.99 | 342 Points
1 gal
15,360 gallons
Out of Stock

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