Oase FiltoClear Pressure Filter 3000

The FiltoClear pressure filter is a compact pressure filtration system with a patented Easy-Clean function.  The FiltoClear system includes a built-in UV Clarifier with bypass for optimal efficiency at low power usage.  The built-in cleaning mechanism makes filter maintenance possible in a matter of minutes.  FiltoClear systems can be installed unobtrusively by burying up to 2/3 of the filter below ground.

Built in UV Clarifier: UV-Clarifier makes the FiltoClear Pressure Filter your all in one filtration solution. From the moment you add the filter to your pond the UV-Clarifier starts eliminating microscopic green algae (pea soup)

Pressurized Filtration: Pressurized filters allow for the use of waterfalls or watercourses in your backyard pond. This feature allows you to have all the necessary components for sustaining life in your pond while allowing you to use only one pond pump and filter to reach your waterfall.

Easy Cleaning: With a simple rotation of the cleaning switch and a few pulls on the cleaning handle will easily and effectively remove trapped debris inside the filter, without ever getting your hands dirty.

  • 1-1/2 in., 2 in. and Sch40 adaptors
  • Tube connections
  • Hose clamps
  • Flow indicators
  • Gaskets

Not recommended for use with external or submersible direct-drive (motor driven) pumps.

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Need a cover?

Oase FiltoCap (MPN 46981)
Oase FiltoCap
SKU: 46981
$262.99 $230.99 | 577 Points | In Stock

Oase FiltoClear Pressure Filter Overview

Oase FiltoClear Pressure Filter

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Oase FiltoClear Pressure Filter 3000
Oase FiltoClear Pressure Filter 3000
$532.99 $468.99 | 1,172 Points
3,000 Gal
1,500 Gal
AquaMax Eco Classic 1900 & AquaMax Eco Premium 2000
1.5", 2"
15 ft.
7,900 Gal
3,950 Gal
AquaMax Eco Classic 3600 & AquaMax Eco Premium 4000
1.5", 2"
15 ft.
Oase FiltoClear Pressure Filter Replacement Parts

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