API Pond PimaFix 64 oz (MPN 178 C) API Pond PimaFix 64 oz (MPN 178 C) API (Pond Care) API Pond PimaFix - 64 oz Treatment 04178 04178 51.29 Webb's Water Gardens
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API Pond PimaFix 64 oz (MPN 178 C)

04178 - API Pond PimaFix 64 oz (MPN 178 C)

Targeted treatment attacks only those pathogens that pose a threat while leaving helpful strains untouched, bombards infections with multiple antifungal agents. 100% safe for use on all species of fresh and saltwater fish. Wont harm invertibrates, live plants or the biological filter. Colorless formula won't discolor aquarium water or stain ornaments.

AntiFungal Remedy for Koi & Goldfish

All-natural formula rapidly treats fungal infections on body and fins of pond fish. Also treats internal and external bacterial infections. Pimafix has been formulated to work in combination with Melafix to enhance effectiveness against fish diseases.

API Pond Pima Fix Dosage
For best results remove activated carbon and turn off UV and ozone-producing units during treatment.
Add 2 tsp. for every 50 gallons of water, or 1/4 cup for every 300 gallons of water. Dose daily for 7 days. Treatment may be continued if necessary.
Foaming may occur during the treatment. When exposed to elevated temperatures, this product may turn cloudy in the bottle; this does not affect the activity of the product.
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API Pond Pima Fix Overview

API Pond Pima Fix

Item Size Treats (up to)
16 oz
2,400 gallons
API Pond PimaFix 64 oz (MPN 178 C)
04178 - API Pond PimaFix 64 oz (MPN 178 C)
$58.99 $51.29 | 88 Points
64 oz
9,600 gallons

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