UltraClear Biological Pond Clarifier, 1 Gallon

UltraClear Biological Pond Clarifier improves pond clarity, cleans the water, reduces organic build-up, and removes odors - restoring aquatic systems to natural health and beauty. This liquid formulation contains the "good" bacteria that is necessary for the nitrogen cycle. These non-pathogenic bacteria will consume nutrients that cause excess algae and restores water purity. Highly recommended to be used to seed a new biological filters. Reduces ammonia and nitrite levels. Beautifies ponds, improves clarity, reduces organic sediment and is beneficial to fish and wildlife in ponds. 

  • Creates a cleaner environment for your pond
  • Reduces ammonia, nitrites, nitrates & phosphates
  • Seeds and maintains biological filter
  • 100% safe for fish, wildlife, and pets

Pond Size (gallons)UltraClear Dose
Up to 2,5001 oz.
2,500 to 5,0002 oz.
5,000 to 10,0004 oz.
10,000 to 20,0008 oz.
20,000 to 40,00016 oz.

Spring Prep: Dose according to the chart for three consecutive days, then revert to the maintenance dose (once a week, or as needed). Use the Spring Prep dose at the beginning of the pond season, or whenever you are adding significant numbers of fish or plants. 

General Pond Maintenance: Dose according to the chart once a week, or as needed. General Pond Maintenance can be started at any time. In most cases, best results are obtained with once a week doses, though some ponds may require treatment as infrequently as once a month.

Problem Ponds: If the pond is experiencing severe clarity problems, bad odors, or other signs of nutrient imbalance dose 2 or 3 times per week until the problem is solved, then revert to the maintenance dose.

Cannot ship when temperatures are freezing

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UltraClear Biological Pond Clarifier Overview

UltraClear Biological Pond Clarifier

  Icons SKU Size Treats (up to) Add
12 oz
30,000 gal
32 oz
80,000 gal
UltraClear Biological Pond Clarifier, 1 Gallon
UltraClear Biological Pond Clarifier, 1 Gallon
$69.95 $59.46 | 150 Points
1 Gal
320,000 gal

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