UltraClear Biological Pond Clarifier, 12 Ounces

UltraClear Biological Pond Clarifier improves pond clarity, cleans the water, reduces organic build-up, and removes odors - restoring aquatic systems to natural health and beauty. This liquid formulation contains the "good" bacteria that is necessary for the nitrogen cycle. These non-pathogenic bacteria will consume nutrients that cause excess algae and restores water purity. Highly recommended to be used to seed a new biological filters. Reduces ammonia and nitrite levels. Beautifies ponds, improves clarity, reduces organic sediment and is beneficial to fish and wildlife in ponds. 

  • Creates a cleaner environment for your pond
  • Reduces ammonia, nitrites, nitrates & phosphates
  • Seeds and maintains biological filter
  • 100% safe for fish, wildlife, and pets

Pond Size (gallons) UltraClear Dose
Up to 2,5001 oz.
2,500 to 5,000 2 oz.
5,000 to 10,000 4 oz.
10,000 to 20,000 8 oz.
20,000 to 40,000 16 oz.

Spring Prep: Dose according to the chart for three consecutive days, then revert to the maintenance dose (once a week, or as needed). Use the Spring Prep dose at the beginning of the pond season, or whenever you are adding significant numbers of fish or plants.

General Pond Maintenance: Dose according to the chart once a week, or as needed. In most cases, best results are obtained with once a week doses, though some ponds may require treatment as infrequently as once a month.

Problem Ponds: If the pond is experiencing severe clarity problems, bad odors, or other signs of nutrient imbalance dose 2 or 3 times per week until the problem is solved, then revert to the maintenance dose.

Cannot ship when temperatures are freezing

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UltraClear Biological Pond Clarifier Overview

UltraClear Biological Pond Clarifier

  SKU Size Treats (up to) Add
UltraClear Biological Pond Clarifier, 12 Ounces
UltraClear Biological Pond Clarifier, 12 Ounces
$9.95 | 30 Points
12 oz
30,000 gal
32 oz
80,000 gal
1 Gal
320,000 gal

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