Hikari IntestiPro, 2.2 lbs.

A combination of two powerful and proven ingredients - praziquantel and metro in a perfectly blended mix to provide excellent results for intestinal parasites. IntestiPro is a powdered formula that was developed to treat intestinal worm issues suffered in pond, freshwater or marine fishes. This revolutionary, extremely safe and highly effective product offers you a one-two punch of proven ingredients in a scientifically developed ratio!

  • Will not discolor water
  • Can be used as a bath or with food
  • Reduces wasting away issues andwhite stringy feces


BATH: As a bath treatment use IntestiPro for protozoan-caused intestinal issues. Remove any carbon or other removal media from system. Use one capful per 20 gallons of water every three (3) days to produce a concentration of ~5 mg/L of Metronidazole and ~2.5 mg/L of Praziquantel. For optimum results, a minimum 30% water change must be made prior to the first and each retreatment, until mortalities cease, or improvement noted. Treatments should be uninterrupted and could require up to 10 in total. If no improvement is noted within six (6) days, discontinue treatment and consider other options. ORAL: For systemic (internal) infections, IntestiPro can be mixed with fish food. When used as directed, will not harm biological filtration.

NEVER use with permanganate-based treatments. DO NOT use with invertebrates. DO NOT use with any other medication or treatment in the water. Do not use with sulfur or sufinite-based water conditioners. Always add aeration during treatment period.

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Hikari IntestiPro Overview

Hikari IntestiPro

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Hikari IntestiPro, 3.5 Ounces
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Hikari IntestiPro, 2.2 lbs.
Hikari IntestiPro, 2.2 lbs.
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2.2 lb
2000 gallons

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